Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vomit, Vomit, O' Glorious Vomit

There are some things that happen to you as a mother, that you NEVER thought you would get used to. In your head, you groan "Omg, not AGAIN. This is SO freakin' disgusting!"

Getting peed on, spit on, pooped on, dirty little fingers getting shoved into your mouth to touch your teeth, putting a supository in your kid's butt and then cheering them on as they try to dislodge the gigantic turd that has been backing them up for 2 days, cleaning poopy diaper after poopy diaper, having to wipe a 3 year olds butt for them, smearing diaper rash cream on all of your children's private parts, a 5 year old using YOUR shirt as a Kleenex, and having your son giggle every time you use a wipey on him because it jiggles his balls. (I threw that last one in there, because that STILL cracks my shit up. He is just like his daddy....) All of these things in life that you NEVER thought it would be possible to "get used to"... but you eventually do.

They are so many things that I didn't even realize I had gotten used to, until someone else points it out. Like the fact that I am unable to go to the bathroom or take a shower or bath ALONE. Ever. The fact that almost on a daily basis, my youngest daughter will surprise me by putting some kind of food in my mouth (half the time it is something she had already tasted and didn't like so she thought she would give it to me, and the other half of the time she has dirt and gunk and shit all over her hands from god knows where and jams those in my mouth too).

But there is ONE THING that I don't think I will EVER get used to - puke.

I hate puke. I am a sympathetic puker: if I see it, hear it or smell it, I will be there puking right next to you...

So, I think it is a really mean joke that Mia has taken up vomitting as a hobby. (She had a medical condition, she really can't help it). She has been getting better the past couple of months, so I had started to think that maybe we were FINALLY moving out of that phase...

Then comes winter time... every time her nose start running, she is back to vomitting from drainage... UGH. The most recent one, Mia climbed in bed with me, and then puked ALL over me, her and my freakin bed (including my favorite pillow!!!! DAMMIT!!!)

Now Blake has been doing to the past 3 days... Oh please shoot me now. His was probably the scariest ever because he did it in his sleep and started choking... OMG. Scared the shit out of me.

Please please please, in this upcoming year, grant me less puke. If that is the only thing that goes right for me this year, I will be completely thrilled.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Early Christmas Present(s)...

Soooo, as most of you know, I'm not really good at this whole "Christmas" thing. The whole, "Put up Chrismas lights, decorations, and the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, buy presents, wrap them, send out Christmas cards with a family picture and a cute, detailed newletter describing what my family is up do, stockings filled with fun little toys and candy, blah, blah, blah". That is not how it usually goes at MY house... I kind of have my OWN family tradition...

At my house (the last few years, anyways) my family tradition goes a little something like this:

  • Do Christmas shopping whenever I have extra time. (Weekends, lunch hours, etc)

  • Put up Tree (skip the lights outside) SOMETIME in December.

  • Decorate the Tree SOMETIME before Christmas Eve.

  • Buy Christmas cards on one of my shopping outtings.

  • Make the same list over and over again for who I need to still buy for and what I will get them...

  • TRY to make an appointment for family pictures (to put in my Christmas Cards, of course), always too late, never able to get in before Christmas...

  • Take one final shopping trip with my Daddy on Christmas Eve (sometimes on the 23rd instead).

  • Sit up all night on Christmas Eve drinking, watching A Christmas Story, eating Santa's cookies and wrapping my "plethora" of gifts.

  • Realize I never sent my fucking Christmas cards out, and have another drink to make me feel better about fucking this up, YET AGAIN.

So, that is USUALLY how it goes. So this year, I really wanted to get some things done more efficiently, and make the holiday a little more enjoyable for my kids...

What a fucking joke.

I HAVE done all my Christmas shopping (yea for me), and my Tree IS up (not decorated, oops). I bought more Christmas cards, and Pat showed me a drawer in the office that has 17 boxes of unused Christmas cards from years past. Oops. I tried to call the photo place, again a week or two too late, and they were unable to fit me in before Christmas. Drats. Oh, and a newsletter? Wtf ever. No way in hell was that getting done. I was completely deluding myself thinking that was even a possibility.

Last night, I forced Patrick to help me wrap some gifts, as I was DETERMINED to get some freakin' presents under the tree at least a day or two early. We were up until about 12:30 last night and got all the "outgoing" gifts wrapped and a few for the girls. So about half. Yea for me!!!

This morning Mia woke up at 5 am (WTH???) and I convinced her to climb in bed with us. She crawled all over me, hit me, kicked me, talked, and finally decided she wanted down. Pat got up, agreed to take her downstairs, get her some donuts, and come back and wake me up at 6:15 so I could ready for work (and let him go back to bed for a little while).

At 7:40, I woke up, and realized that I was LATE AGAIN!!! Geez! So I run downstairs and find Pat sleeping on the couch. I start YELLING (seriously yelling very loud) and he just kept right on snoring... I turned on the lights, still yelling...still snoring...

It is at this point that I realize I am standing knee deep in wrapping paper. WTF?

Mia is jumping up and down in excitment at all of her NEW TOYS!!! Yep, she unwrapped almost all the gifts...


So, my entire evening last night was a complete waste of fucking time...Stupid mommy...

I'm going back to my old tradition... it worked much better. Oh, and while I wrote this, I realized that I have YET AGAIN forgotten to send out my Christmas cards... I will never learn, will I?

So, if you were expecting a gift from us this year, and are DYING to know what I got you, give Mia a call, I'm sure she would be happy to tell you... she knows what EVERYONE is getting this year!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome to "The Mia Show" - Wear a Cup...

Well, Mia is two now, and it is REALLY starting to show. I know the whole "terrible two's" is bullshit (it's really the 2's, 3's, and 4's), and Mia is really living up to the legend!! In fact, this past week or two, she has really outdid herself...

Some of you may know, and some may not, that Mia is middle child (which by definition, is an attention hog). She is the one on the right, with the chubby cheeks and dimples... cute right?? WRONG. So much of what this child does is NOT FREAKIN' CUTE at all. Sometimes she is just plain MEAN! She got her daddy's cute smile and her mommy's bad attitude! (Why couldn't she have gotten something GOOD from me, like my amazing sense of humor, or my ability to win people over the second I meet them????)

First, she picks on Josie. Constantly. Now, as discussed in a previous blog, Josie is a bit of a pansy. Now, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her, don't get me wrong, but, wow, she is a big puss. I cannot count the number of times I have been in the kitchen (bathroom, bedroom, living room, outside, inside, in the car, etc, etc) and heard Josie SCREAM and start crying something about "Mia did (insert mean thing Mia did here)".... It's usually like, Mia took my toy, or Mia turned off the TV, or Mia changed the channel, or Mia ate my poptart, or Mia licked my face, or Mia is in my spot, or Mia hit me with a remote (flashlight, flyswatter, piece of paper, dolly, shoe, shirt, you name it, I've heard it). Now, I really do my best to keep them civil, but they are siblings and they will fight. About everything.

I am now starting to realize why my mom was such a bitch. (Love you mommy!!!) Her children MADE HER that way!!!!

So, anyways, she picks on Josie. Oh, well, I do my best with time outs, say you're sorry's, give hugs, and so on. I try to teach the be nice crap that was shoved down my throat as a child, and Mia listens about as well as I did...

Let me just give you a few examples of crap Mia has been doing...

Keep in mind this is just in the one hour in the morning as I get ready for work, and the couple hours at home in the evenings for the past 2 weeks...

Ok, here we go....

One night I was feeding my son, and the girls come down to ask for a snack. I look at the clock and it is about 15 minutes until bedtime. So I say no. Josie whines a bit, but sulks off back into the play room to get the best use out of her 15 minutes... Mia doesn't. She looks at me and says "snack." I looked at her and said "no." She stares at me, then goes upstairs. I figure she went back to her spongebob (like each night before bed) and went back to giving Blake his bottle. I then hear this horrible screeching sound upstairs. I set the bottle down, grab the boy and head up. I see Mia has dragged a dining room chair into the kitchen and was getting her own damn snack... Of course when she sees me, its "hi, mommy.... here!" and attempts to make me believe she thought I could use some Cheetos, and she was just going to get some for me. Sweet kid, huh?

Next, one night after Blake's bath (I still give him a bath in the kind of tub you set on top of the counter), Mia thought she would be helpful and empty the tub for me, I guess. She turned one of the latches and the thing fell into two pieces, spilling a few gallons of dirty soapy water ALLL over my bathroom... She calmly and quietly shut the door, and went downstairs as if nothing had happened. What a doll.

Another night, my father and I had stepped out to smoke, and Pat was in with the kids getting them ready for bed. Mia comes running over to the glass door, yelling about wanting to come outside. I told her (through the door) that it was late, cold, and she was in her jammies, so no, she needed to stay inside. Her face just falls, and I turn back around (feeling secretly triumphant) and resume my conversation. A few seconds later, my father bursts into laughter... I turn back around at Mia and she is bending over, showing me her butt, smacking it with one hand, and yelling "Mama BUTT!"... Awww... can't wait until she shows Grandma THAT trick!

She has broken 3 toys, got stuck in a walker/bouncer thing FOURTEEN times, has dumped 2 boxes of cereal on the floor, put 2 rolls of wrapping paper IN the Christmas tree (took me FOREVER to find them), flushed half a roll of toilet paper, jammed 5 DVD's into the VCR player (as well as 2 small toys and a couple Cocoa Puffs - VCR doesn't work anymore...), hidden my keys twice, and spit in my drink once (she walked up to my glass and started to take a drink of my tea. I said "No, Mia, don't drink mommy's drink. You ask First!" So she spit it back in and said sweetly "Drink Peez?"...).

She also made 3 "accidental" phone calls to people who probably need to be deleted out of my phone anyways, poured a cup of water all over the floor in the kitchen (and then CASUALLY places her cup in the sink and goes back to her coloring book like nothing happened... in walks Mommy and falls straight on her ass...), ate a dime size dollop of Hydrocortizone cream (I called poison control, she is fine) and downloaded 2 spyware things onto Pats computer. (That one is kind of his own fault, he lets her play on there, pushing buttons on the keyboard).

I know what you are all saying - "Geez, watch your fucking kid lady!!!!" But let me assure you, I DO!!!! The majority of these things happen either while I am feeding/changing/bathing my son, while I am in the shower, or while I am cooking dinner/doing dishes. Being alone at home with 3 kids in the evenings (Pat works second shift) is a bit of a challenge, and things are bound to get broken, lost, etc. You still have things that HAVE to be done. You cannot just decide to not cook dinner, or not feed the baby. You make the mistake of going down to switch over the laundry and next thing you know, your walls have green marker on them...

Now, I know that most of this is because Mia is an EXTREMELY independent little girl, and she RARELY asks for anyone to help her do what she wants. She is super fucking sneaky, and if she wants something, she just goes right ahead and does it herself. She has the "Don't worry, I can do it myself" attitude that all 2-3 years old get, but she has it is spades. One of the cereal boxes that was dumped on the floor was due to the fact I was in the shower, and she wanted some more cereal... so she went and GOT IT. That's all. Hmmm....

I really have been working on the "tell me what you need and I will HELP YOU do it" thing, but she seriously just doesn't want anyone's help... Can't decide if that is a GOOD thing, because she will never be dependent on others to do or get the things she wants in life, or if it a habit that I should discourage... Oh, decisions, decisions...

That's the crappy part about being a parent. You HAVE to make decisions that will affect your children's outlook on life and the world. The way they interact with others, the way they handle stressful situations, the way they treat the people around them. Everything you do, your kids are watching, and filing it away in a special little place in the back of their minds for reference or use later on in life.

Both of my daughters are independent, and I think that is something I should be proud of. Josie's strength, of course, is in her ability to make anyone like her. I have noticed (and so have her teachers) that she will play with ANYONE. She is friends with just about everyone in class. She will go from playing dolls and "house" with the girls, straight to Superheroes and cops and robbers with the boys. She received the "Most Caring Student" award in her class last week (every grade had a student nominated), and I was SO proud!!!

I was bragging to a co-worker about her. She gave me a big smile - her comment to me was "Well, I'm sure her mother's influence had SOMETHING to do with that". I was speechless... I hadn't even thought of that. I was just so proud of HER actions, I didn't really consider that it might be a learned behavior and that I had ANYTHING to do with it... I hope that is true. I would like to think that my kids see me as a caring person, and that is how you should act towards everyone.

But back to my point (Sorry!! I get distracted), I really hope that Mia gets through this phase without too much damage to herself or the world around her. But I hope she keeps the independence thing - and I hope it is something else that my children MIGHT have picked up from me... :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Doctor is OUT

Omg, I don't know what it is about me, but apparently I seem to be the type of person that EVERYONE wants to talk to about their problems! I got to work (late of IS snowing out...) and immediately I have emails from friends and co-workers about allllll their problems.

I have a friend who is having mother-in-law issues, another stressing over Christmas, another worrying about whether or not it is too soon to date since her husband passed, another with men troubles, and even more trying to deal with a myriad of other problems. Now, I have no problem with people needing to vent or blow off steam, as I need to do that too on a daily basis... what my problem is, is everyone wants MY ADIVCE. Some are even getting ready to make, or have just made a decision (usually based on my advice) and need moral support to see it through...

Well, shit, anyone who actually KNOWS me, should know not to ask me for advice!!! I have a condition that causes me to give shitty advice on a daily basis. I can't seem to help it. But in my defense, regardless of how bad my advice is, or how often I get other people into trouble, they always seem to come back for more... I have even found myself going out of my way to stick my nose into other people's business to voice my unsolicilated opinion, which is usually inappropriate at best, and they THANK me for it!!!! They enable me!!!

And moral support? Well, I guess you could say, I have "questionable" morals, so maybe you should look somewhere else for that too...

I find that I seem to be giving the same advice for a lot of different problems lately...

Boss is being a hard ass? Fuck 'em! Do what you think you should.

Husband being a lazy jerk, didn't get you anything for Christmas? Fuck 'em, do something to make yourself happy.

Mother-in-law giving you toilet paper again for Christmas? (This is a real email I got this morning, by the way)... Fuck her! Give the anti-Democrat a copy of Barack Obama's new book. (Yes this was really my advice...).

What would other people think if I started dating? Fuck them! Who care's what they think? If it makes you happy, then do it.

Now, I don't know if my advice is my subconcious trying to tell me what to do about my OWN problems or if this is really the best advice I can think of, but we seem to keep coming back to a common idea - do whatever the hell you want!

Maybe THAT is why people come to me - because I tell them they should do what they want. Maybe they just need to hear someone ELSE say "Sure, go ahead!!"

So I have decided that since I basically suck at giving advice, I'm going to cut everyone off. No more easy way out for you people!!! :)

I am not a therapist. And I never wanted to be. I need therapy myself, so I don't think I am the best one to be giving advice anymore. But I will give one last, STANDING order for anyone that is desperate for a little piece of Angie wisdom.

Please feel free to print this out and tape it to your fridge, or put it in your purse to pull out whenever you need it....


Ok, hugs and kisses everyone, I'll write another "real" blog later :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I Like

I know, I know, everyone probably took a double take at the title, thinking "There are things that she ACTUALLY LIKES??" But there are some things that I enjoy, and most of them are either a little odd, a little embarrassing, a little childish, a little gross or a little unhealthy...or a little of all of those things... :)

First, there are some foods that I LOVE that most people just say "ew".

Foods I Like:

Hotdogs. Oh, GAWD I love me some hotdogs. I like them grilled, boiled, fried, microwaved, sliced up on mini pizzas, on a bun, on a piece of bread, dipped in mashed potatoes or just sliced up cold. I could eat hotdogs every day. And I pretty much do...

Bologna. Mmmmm. My bologna has a first name, it is L-U-N-C-H. I dig on some bologna, man. I LOVE bologna and pickle sandwiches, as well as just putting a piece of bologna in a bowl with a slice of cheese on top and melting it in the microwave. It makes a little bologna bowl, with cheese soup inside!! Yummy!

Pepperoni Slices. I eat these like chips. All the time.

Mayonnaise. I have a fetish with extra mayo on my deli sandwiches. I can't help it, and if you eat lunch with me at a deli, be prepared to see the fantastic white delicacy dripping out the back of my sandwich...and be prepared to watch me scoop it up with my finger and eat it too...

Some Hobbies That I Like:

I like to watch old crap movies. Now, by these I don't mean old sci-fi or black and whites. I mean stupid movies that I LOVED when I was younger and I still love. I actually hide some of these movies so Pat doesn't know I even have them. Some examples of these movies are: Teen Witch ("Top THAT"), Crybaby (O, Johnny Depp in his younger years), Grease TWO ("We're gonna BOWWWWWWWWL TONIGHT!"), The Worst Witch (Oooooh, Mildred!), Labrynth (David Bowie's hair is HAWT), Red Sonya AND all the Conan the Barbarians (all Arnold, and love them ALL!), etc., etc., you get my point. Movies that suck. And I love them.

I like to play video games. A lot. A lot more than I ever tell people. This is a fact that I VERY RARELY EVER bring up in a conversation, mostly because I am just a tiny bit (a whole lot) embarrassed. I know it's stupid, but I really try not to immediately prove to everyone what a loser I am... at least until I get to know you a little better...then I can tell you all about my addiction.

I like to smoke. A lot. It is a hobby and I love it. If you suddenly have the urge to tell me how bad it is for my health or that I would be so much more healthier if I quit, please feel free to have a nice tall glass of "shut the hell up". I know, and I just don't really care. It is legal, and I do not smoke in my house or around my kids. Plus, I might be healthier, but I would be a total fucking bitch...even worse than I am already.

I like to read books. All kinds of books. I love werewolves, vampires, elves, princesses, Indians, cowboys, teenagers, non-fiction biographies, renaissance, horror, thrillers, funny, romantic, cooking, self help, everything. A book (or a gift certificate for a book STORE) is the perfect gift for me. :) A good book is the perfect company for so many boring moments. Like going out to eat alone, waiting in a waiting room, nothing good on TV, power is out (but you still have a flashlight!)etc. And NEVER underestimate the importance of a really good book for a trip to the crapper.

Some "Other" Things I Like:

I like shoes (I know, all women do, right?). But I like CERTAIN shoes. I like shoes/boots with a 3" heel. I like them to have pointy toes. I like them to be free of tassels, buckles or bows... and I like them to be cheap and last forever... :) Sneakers suck.

I like buying appliances. Every time I go to Sears, Lowe's, Best Buy, any place like that, I ALWAYS want to look at appliances. Even if I don't NEED a new one, I sure do WANT one!

I like it when someone brushes my hair. A LOT. There is something soothing and relaxing about it... except for when my daughter, Mia, does it. She rips my hair out by the fucking root, and then hits me in the head with the brush a few times for good measure. Not really that relaxing...

I like porn. I will not go into details. :)

I like to wear my pajama pants EVERYWHERE. I love my jammie pants and probably have more pairs of those than jeans at the moment... I have probably embarrassed several shopping partners over the years with my neverending parade of night clothes, but I don't really give a shit. That's why I just started inviting my sister... she is usually wearing hers too! lol

Ok, there are some things I like. Hope you found it interesting. :)

OH - AND A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER - NEEDSLEEPY!!!! She is THIRTY BLANK today!!! (See, how I was really thoughtful by not telling everyone your age???)

Love you sis!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I'm Bringing "Sexy Back"

Oh, yes I am. I am SO very proud of myself, and I just felt the need to share a quick update on my ‘journey to whittle down my humongous ass’ with all of you.

I have lost 22 pounds. Since October 22nd. That is 6 weeks. WOOOO HOOOO! That is the size of my one year old niece! OMG!

My goal was originally 40 pounds. At first I looked at the nutritionist and thought, “What the fuck ever lady… Maybe half that…” But what do you know? Now I am feeling that goal is more and more obtainable every day.

I started this diet in a size 14 (read - sometimes a 16) which I was very depressed about. Today I put on a size 10. I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear me, I said a FREAKIN’ TEN!!!!!!!! WOW.

Before my diet, there wasn’t a whole lotta sex going on at my house (Well, not the kind with TWO people, just me and B.O.B.). My, my, how things have changed…

For example, this past week I looked like shit, felt like shit, was moping around, not showered, not brushed my teeth, nothing. But Pat kept following me all week. This is how about a dozen conversations went:

Pat: Hey sweetie. How are you feeling? (Attempts to put his hand on my butt, thigh, boobs, or various other naughty places)

Me: I feel like shit. Leave me alone.

Pat: Maybe you just need a shot of penis-cillin (with a big cheesy smile).

Me: Maybe you need a glass of ‘shut the hell up’.

That’s about it. Aren’t we a loving couple?

BUT my point is, after having three kids and gaining… um… a whole shit ton of weight (ok, fine - about 60 pounds) the whole “sexy Angie” took a very looooooong vacation.

I used to wear tiny sexy underwear, stockings, garters, the whole nine yards. Sometimes I even went to the BARE minimum and just went commando! Yeah, I don’t do that shit anymore. I wear GRANNY PANNIES! Oh yes. And I was (until recently) still sporting my maternity undies just because of pure laziness and the lack of desire to go new (read – BIGGER) ones…

But, this morning, as I slipped on my size 10’s, I looked in the full length mirror (the one I usually opt out of in favor for the one that only shows my chest and higher) and I noticed something spectacular… I have a space between my thighs again… HOLY SHIT!!!! I really do! I honestly cannot remember when my thighs did not rub together when I walked. Now, if THAT ain't smexy I don't know what is!!!! LOL

So watch out folks… “It’s called makin’ a COMEBACK!”

Oh, and PS - Quick update from my day from hell. On the way home that night, my daughter pointed out that there was bird poop on her window. Conversation went a little something like this:

Jo: "Mommy, there is bird poop on my window"

Me: "Yes, I know, Josie."

Jo: "There is bird poop on your window too"

Me: "Yes, I know, Josie."

Jo: "Is there poop on Mia's window?"

Me: "Probably..."

Jo: "And on Blake's?"

Me: "Probably..."

Jo: "That bird pooped a lot..."

This is when I realize she must be picturing a HUGE fucking bird, just flying over my car, following me around town, with god awful diarrhea!! :) Kids are so cute...


Friday, December 5, 2008

You say "Good Morning!" - I say "@#% You!!"

Ok, first of all, I am OBVIOUSLY having a seriously shitty day. And lucky you, I would like to tell you allllllll about it!

First, a little setup… I got strep throat on Sunday night. Went home sick from work Monday, went to the doctor, got my pills, went home to feel sorry for my self. By the next morning, Josie and Mia were both sick too (doctor prescribed them antibiotics too) and Blake has a cold. Been at home with them, all of us sick, for 2 ½ days. Went to work this morning basically because I was feeling well enough to drive and I needed to get the hell out of my house…

Ok! This morning, about 4 am, my son wakes up crying. His nose is stuffy. I take him down to the couch, clean out his nose, and we both pass out right there. I wake up to Pat handing me my phone, saying “Chris called”. That would be my ex-husband - who takes Josie to school. I look at the clock and it is 7:25. SHIT!!!! (Fyi, I get up at 6:00 am to get myself and my kids ready every morning). Chris had called because he was on my porch and I wasn’t answering the door. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.

So I let him in, run upstairs, drag Jo out of bed, toss some clothes on her, brush her hair while she puts on her shoes, and get her a cup of Cocoa Puffs and a juice box to eat for breakfast on the way to school. I grab her backpack and I notice it feels unusually heavy. I open it up and there are projects and notes from school that I had failed to look at Monday night (because I was sick…). One of those notes being that she is out of money on her lunch account. FUCK. Money, money, money, where the fuck is the fucking money? Of course asshole ex has NO cash (big shocker there) and all I have are $50’s. Pat’s wallet! Ok, here’s $20. Coat, hat, gloves, scarf, backpack, breakfast, cash and off to school, 4 minutes late. (Yes, this all took only 9 minutes, I AM Super Mom, remember?)

Oh, and did I mention the whole time Mia is following me around (she woke up when I burst into their room in a frenzy) asking “TeeBee? TeeBee? TEEBEE????!!!!” FINE! I flip on the TV, yell at Pat (who is, of course, back in bed – that’s “just how he rolls”) and tell him to get up and make her breakfast while I hop in the shower. Turn on the water, get naked, look around… no towels. FUUUCK. Alright, streak through the house, find a basket of towels downstairs, streak back up and jump in the shower. SHIT the water is cold! Turn up the heat, and set a new world record for fastest shower on earth.

Jump out, brush teeth, grab clothes, toss on just enough makeup so I don’t look dead, put on my shoes and I’m ready to go. I run into the kitchen to grab my meds and a “Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus” (I love that shit) out of the fridge. There is none… of course! Ok, fine then, I grab a hot one from the box next to the fridge, grab my meds, purse, keys, coat, cigarettes, lighter, and I’m heading to the door! It is 7:59. I have one minute to get west of downtown to get to work. FUCK.

As I am walking out to my car, I realize that it is FUCKING COLD outside. Like, 23 degrees cold. I go BACK inside and get my “heavy” coat. Reach into the pockets – no gloves. Where the fuck are my fucking gloves?? I look in every coat pocket (which trust me, is a lot… I collect coats), can’t find them anywhere. ‘Must be in the car, they gotta be in the car’ I think, so I run back outside and jump in the car. Take off down the road, not even bothering to let the car warm up.

Oh, and… no gloves in the car. I don’t know where the fuck they are. BUT there is a bunch of new trash, and a very icky odor, compliments of Pat taking my car to work the day before.

I reach into my purse and grab my cigarettes. I open up the box and… WTF? I have FOUR. No fucking way. Ok, great, I will just have to ration them out until lunchtime. Only ONE on the way to work today, fine, fine, fine.

All the way to work I am listening to crappy Christmas tunes, and stupid people talking about sales at different stores, and blah blah blah. I am getting ready to pull in to a parking spot when “The Hanukkah Song” came on!! I LOVE that song! Of course, now I am 22 minutes late already and can’t justify 3-4 more just to listen to a song on the radio. So, out of the car, grab all my crap, shove my cold ass hands into my coat pockets (no gloves, remember?) and click the “LOCK” button on my keypad through my pocket. CLUNK. Wtf? I turn around and see that I had apparently hit the wrong fucking button and instead of locking my car, I popped my trunk. Geezus. Walk BACK to the car, close the trunk, LOCK THE CAR, and start running in to the building.

Clock in at 8:26 am. Shit. I didn’t even think to call and let someone know I would be late. Oh well, nothing I can do now.

So, now I’m at work, and things have GOT to start getting better, right? I open my lukewarm tea and start taking my plethora of pills. (A total of 7 – don’t ask). I start sifting through my DAYS worth of emails and voicemails and after an hour, am ready to go back home. My boss called to see what my schedule was like this afternoon, so I pull up my calendar. FUCK. I have to go to jail this afternoon, I totally forgot! (Jail and Bail, March of Dimes thing…) Oh, shit, I don’t want to do that today…

So I sit at my desk, chewing on my bottom lip, trying to NOT go smoke (I am on rations today) when OUCH! Shit, I actually bit a freakin’ whole through my lip. Shit. Its bleeding everywhere, so I am trying to discreetly hold a Kleenex up to it to help the bleeding stop… Every time someone walked by, I pretended to sneeze so they wouldn’t look at me too weird…

I wade through the rest of my morning, and about 11:00 I decide to write a blog. IT SUCKS. So I sent it to my sister to try and make it a little funnier… she even struggled with it, and she said she would call me back later if she thought of anything. (Note, I never did finish that blog…)

So, I decide to go smoke. Glancing at the clock I notice now it is 1:45. Oh Shit. I am supposed to go to jail in 15 minutes! So I grab my shit and head out the door. Speed over there, find a GREAT parking space!! YEA! I am sitting there just finishing my last cigarette, and I notice that there are like a thousand (really a thousand) birds on the ground in the area in front of me. Mia loves birds so I get out of the car to try and take a picture with my phone. I shut my car door and WHOOOSH there they all go… dammit. Oh, well go inside…

Ok, now originally I was “anonymously” nominated to do this by “someone in the community” and my crime was excessive shopping. Which I actually thought was kind of funny, because it is actually a true accusation. I shop WAY too much…

When I went in, they made me where a striped shirt and a tag that said I was arrested for “Excessive use of Band-Aids”… WTF? Great, now I’m the Band-Aid Bandit. What a crock of shit.

Got sat next to “Church Woman” and luckily got released early for good behavior. If I had to stay much longer talking to that woman, I would have traded my watch for a shiv and jammed it into my fucking ears.

Back to the car. Remember the birds? MY CAR IS COVERED IN BIRD SHIT. No kidding, not exaggerating. Oh, it is so fucking nasty, I don’t even want to touch the handle. I WISH I HAD FUCKING GLOVES ON!

Since I’m out early I decide to swing by the gas station and pick up smokes and a coffee. I am standing there putting lots of creamer in my coffee when “Homeless Woman” shows up, stinking to high heaven and stands RIGHT next to me, just staring at me. I finally turn and look at her, and she says “Can I steal your coat?” I look back at her. “No.” I said. “But it is so beautiful, and looks so warm”. “It is. Thanks” and I walk around to the coolers. She FOLLOWS ME. Omg, I gotta get the fuck out of here. I go up to the counter buy my shit and run out to my car, unlocking it from 15 feet away so crazy Homeless Woman doesn’t try to gank me before I can get in the fucking thing. She waved good bye with a very sad look on her face… crazy bitch.

Ok, I leave there and head to Walgreens. What a fucking mess. Go in, get all the shit I need and stand in the line from hell for 20 minutes. Heaven forbid they open a second fucking register. But standing in line I did find some “Medicated” chapstick, which I LOVE. So I grab some, and start putting it on the second I pay for it.

OMG THE BURNING! THE BURNING!!!! Anyone remember me biting my lip that morning?? Well, I fucking didn’t. Medicated Chapstick plus a big gaping whole in your fucking lip equals LOTS of pain.

Get back to work and realize it is 4 pm and I haven’t done a fucking thing today. Work wise, anyways. So I decided to write this blog instead, still not getting anything done… I am already 2 days behind.

And, dammit… I still have to go home tonight… /cry /sniffle /cry

So how was YOUR day????

Monday, December 1, 2008

Three "Wise Men"??? I seriously doubt it...

Note: I am not a Christmas hater, or a man hater... fyi... :)

So on my way to work, I usually enjoy listening to my favorite radio show… but this morning, there was only… Christmas songs… ugh.

Now, I’m not a scrooge, but I think it’s a little early for Christmas songs. It is December FIRST... not TWENTY FIRST... And in my opinion, if they ARE going to be playing them, they should play some freakin’ songs that people actually KNOW. I didn’t hear any jingle bells, Rudolph, Santa Baby, nothing...

But all the Christmas songs and chatter (about Mary, Joseph, Jesus, the 3 wise men, and all their fun loving animal friends) got me thinking – about the phrase “Three Wise Men”.

What a load of crap. I can’t think of anytime that I have seen 3 men get together and actually be “Wise”.

In fact, if you even get two together, I honestly believe that their IQs actually DROP about 50 points. And holy crap, if you add alcohol into the mix, they just keep getting dumber and dumber with every shot...

The man that is a genuine intellectual will suddenly have a full and complete list of dick and fart jokes to share with you AND all his friends...

The husband that is usually very responsible will be using his ‘one phone call’ to let you know that he will not be home for dinner that night...

And the hard-working, down-to-earth guy will have to explain why he and his friends decided to skip work in order to build a 40 foot water slide off the top of your house into the neighbor’s pool while you visited your sister over the weekend...

Now, add in some cool shit like gold, frankincense and myrrh. First, frankincense and myrrh are “technically” considered to be incense. Which means they can be lit on fire and smoked – medically the smoke is used for easing depression and anxiety.

(And by the way, what the hell would a little baby need that for? How depressed and anxious can he really be at 3 days old?? And the gold? Is that for mommy and daddy so they can get a real hotel room instead of hanging out with the cattle?)

Whatever. If 3 guys really had all that, they sure as shit wouldn’t be taking it to a baby shower. They would take that gold, hit the nearest pub, grab some dancing girls, and party in the new year.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My firsts...

Ok, so my sister and fellow blogger Needsleepy has invited everyone to create a blog of "firsts" in their live. Most of mine were too inappropriate, unethical or immoral to post on here, so I have narrowed it down to a few that are "ok" for public knowledge. They are still not that appropriate, but oh well.

Before you start reading these and judging me, please bear in mind that I was YOUNG AND STUPID. I have since matured and seen the error of my ways. :)


My first boyfriend was in 5th grade and his name was Micah. He was a big geek, just like I was. We held hands once, and he hugged me…that was it. Interesting side note, though - I went out on a date with him a few years later in high school, and I found out that he was the WORST KISSER EVER. Seriously. He also ended up being my “first” (and sadly, not my LAST) for ever being licked all over my face and chin during a kiss… EW!


First real kiss was with a boy named James. I was in 7th grade, and it was at my friend’s house. My “friend” was also James’ girlfriend… BAD Angie… This was also my first time ever being felt up – WOO!

Set a Park on Fire

Ok, this was COMPLETELY on accident. I was in seventh grade and we had starting using bunsen burners in science class. My lab partner (James - see above) had stole one, and we were messing with it on the way to his house after school. he lived across the street from English Park which has a huge ditch going through the center (I think it was a drainage ditch). Anyways, he kept lighting it and then sticking his hand in it, so I took it away from him and threw it in the ditch (yes it was still lit). Well, long story short, it was fall, the ditch was full of dry leaves, and... then the Fire Department showed up. We watched from his living room window as the put out the fire, and I was afraid they were going to find the bunsen burner and get my fingerprints off of it, and throw me in jail. My friends thought it was freakin' hilarious...


The first time I ever smoked was in 7th grade with my friend Diane. We went across the street from her house to a school playground and sat underneath the ‘Big Toy’ to smoke cigarettes. I have smoked ever since…

Bought Cigarettes

I bought cigarettes from “Johnny T’s” convenience shop at age 13. He was a sweet old Asian man who sold smokes to EVERYONE.

Smoked Pot

First time I ever smoked pot (age 13), I got invited to go “smoke a bowl”. I knew that they were talking about pot, but in my head I am picturing a “bowl” like a soup bowl. I thought, ‘There’s no WAY I could smoke all that!!’ But I still went, I got high, and then I got sick. But I was not a quitter, so I practiced until I was able to smoke and not puke… lol


My first job was at a Laundromat (same one as my sister!!). This job sucked ass, and I also still hate doing laundry. This was coincidentally, also my first time ever being fired from a job. Not only did I hate the job, apparently I sucked at it…


My first car was an ’84 Cavalier hatchback. What a piece of shit!! Some key things about my first car… first, it had a “Sparkomatic” radio. This radio only got 3 stations, and it would skip to the next one each time you hit a bump. Second, no A/C. (Although my father informed me that it DID have A/C – a “window unit”… ass…) and third, the windshield wipers worked pretty good, but ONLY when you turned your blinker on. And not just turn it on and let it flash for 10 minutes… like turn it on. Then off. On. Then off. On. Then off… yea. MAJOR pain in the ass. BUT - man that car could move! Fast little sucker…


My first concert was Lollapalooza ’96. I was 16. It was in Kansas City and my mom let me go with 3 guys and 2 girls. They bought my ticket, and paid for my hotel room (I roomed with the girls, by the way…). The concert was ALL DAY LONG, outside. They had “rain tents” sent up because it was so hot out, and one of them busted and made a HUGE mud puddle. So we spend the day high and covered in mud. Metallica was the headliner that night and they played so many encores that the show didn’t end until 1 in the morning. Best concert I had ever been to.


My first apartment SUCKED. You walked into the kitchen slash living room. The next room (no hallway, just a doorway) was my bedroom, with one bathroom off of the bedroom and a closet. That was IT. But it was only $300 a month!

First Marriage

My wedding was gorgeous, it just with the wrong guy. My (now ex-) mother in law came to the bride’s room 5 minutes before the ceremony to tell me I ‘still had time to back out’ (and that is a direct quote). I think I may have married him to spite her. Sadly, she was right, and I should have run out the back door.

Found out I was pregnant

The first time I found out I was pregnant was a month after my first marriage. I had stopped my birth control because my doctor had told me since I had been on them SO long, he thought it would probably take about a year to get pregnant. Um… yea. He was wrong. I was getting ready to go out and get drunk with some friends, and I was talking to one of them on the phone. She was complaining about being on her period, blah blah blah, when I realized I was NOT on mine… Went out, bought a pregnancy test, went home and peed on it. When those 2 little lines showed up, I just stared at it for 15 minutes, wondering ‘what in the hell am I gonna do now?’ Needless to say I did NOT go out that night and within a year I had my first daughter.

My First (and only) Divorce

My first marriage lasted 2 ½ years, and that was with about a year of fighting, marriage counseling, and more fighting. My dad called me a year after my divorce to tell me he had just made the last payment on my wedding… ouch…

Peed My Pants in Public

Hmmm… this was hard to decide. I had once peed my pants at a swimming field trip at school, but I don’t think anyone really noticed. So I’m going with the next time that I remember and that was my 23rd birthday. I was at a bar with my sister and some friends, and I drank WAY too much (go figure…). But, it wasn’t really my fault. Everyone in the bar was buying me drink after drink (and who am I to turn down a red bull and vodka?? Those suckers are like $6 a pop!) and shot after shot.

So, eventually I went to the bathroom to puke. And I just kept puking and puking and puking. Puked so much (and had drunk so much) that each convulsion caused me to pee just a little bit. By the time I was done puking, I had peed A LOT. I had my sister grab my long coat and bring it to me in the bathroom, so I could cover up and get the fuck outta there before someone saw. I have since gotten MUCH better at drinking, and actually consider myself to be somewhat of an authority on the subject.

Skinny Dip

The first time I remember skinny dipping was at a lake party with my sister. The most memorable part of that experience was my brother in law. Everyone had stripped down, and headed to the lake, and I was one of the stragglers at the end. I turned to see my brother in law coming out of his tent, wearing a fishing hat, flippers, and an inner tube. Now, what makes this funny is that he had a cigarette in one hand an a beer in the other, but the inner tube had no problem staying up where it was supposed to… :)

Stole a Car

I "borrowed" my sister's car when I was 15. I had a learner's permit. I drove around town, picked up several friends, and then went to the video store (with her video card) to rent movies. At the corner of my street, I noticed what I THOUGHT was dust floating around. I see my neighbor running towards us with a hose, screaming for us to get out of the car. So we all jumped out (I did go back for my cigarettes...), and watched him spray the hood of the car with his garden hose until the "dust" (aka SMOKE) had stopped billowing and the fire stopped dripping underneath it. We then decided to push it around the corner to the house, which was a total pain in the ass because the power steering fluid was GONE and the tires were half melted.

So then I went inside and told my older brother that I had set my sister's car on fire. He in turn called my sister (who thought my brother was completely full of shit) and then called my dad (who laughed his ass off...). Then my brother, his friends, my friends and I all sat around watching our newly rented movies until my sister came home. When she found out he hadn't been lying she was PISSED. I don't know why, it was a piece of shit car anyways, and I really did her a favor... she DID get another car outta the deal...

So that is a few of my firsts! Hope you found it enjoyable, and please feel free to post some of your OWN firsts!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So I got tagged....

Well, dammit I got tagged! lol

So, I got tagged by Brooke (although I’m not entirely sure who she is, but her blog made me laugh, so it’s all good!) so I now have to list eight random things about myself. Hmmmm…. Let’s think….

1. I have an addictive personality.

When I find something I like, I go overboard. This goes for…. Well, pretty much everything. I like to smoke (I smoke a lot), I enjoy drinking and I do it well (WHEN I drink, I drink a lot), I enjoy sex (I constantly harass my “baby’s daddy” to put out), I like to play WoW (I would play this for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if I could), I like to read (usually when I start a book, I have to read the whole thing before I put it down…so I read it when I eat, on my breaks at work, while the girls play in the tub, in the crapper and while I feed my son.). See a pattern?

2. And about WoW (aka World of Warcraft). I love this freakin’ game.

I am the biggest geek that ever walked the planet. Not only do I have 13 characters ranging across 3 servers, but on my main server, I actually started my own guild. My sister and brother are my ‘second in command’, and the guild has over 120 members… I know… GEEK!

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to watch infomercials.

I like to BUY stuff off of infomercials. I also love to shop online – anything and everything, you can get it online! See my “Hi my name is Angie and I’m an addict” post for more details. lol

4. I am not religious.

I hate organized religion, probably from having it shoved down my throat as a child. I am more spiritual, and believe in the power within yourself.

Which brings us to number five… I’m an ordained minister…

How about that, eh? Yep. I originally became an ordained minister because in the state of KS you have to be in order to read Tarot cards or do fortune telling in a public setting (i.e. Renaissance Festival, Spiritual Awareness Fair, etc.). I did this 4 years ago and have officiated two weddings. Oh, and I did this online… see number 3.

6. I read Tarot Cards.

I have for years, and I have gotten progressively better at this. Cards are amazing accurate if you know how to read them, and always a good party trick to break the ice.

7. I never shut the bathroom door when I go to the bathroom at home.

This is for a couple of reasons… one, because of my kids. I am usually home alone with all 3 of them, and for some reason, the second I shut that door that is the minute and a half that my kids want to use to break something in my house or do something strange to their baby brother… So I leave the door open so I can keep my eyes on them. Also, they LOVE to come in the bathroom with me and if I shut the door then opening the fucking thing anyways and come on in. I haven’t gone to the bathroom by myself for what seems like years…

8. For the most part, I don’t eat things that come out of the ground.

I will eat a salad IF (and only IF) it has no tomatoes and lots of ham, turkey, bacon, cheese, eggs, and dressing on it. I order my sandwiches, cheeseburgers, tacos, everything PLAIN. No thanks on steamed veggies, raw veggie trays, any of that crap…

Ok, so that’s my eight. I hope you found it interesting and enlightening! Let’s see, who to tag next… people I would like to know more about!!

Ok, so the tag rules are as follows: Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls Don't Poop

There are a few misconceptions that men (in general) have about women out there that I feel an obligation to clear up. It seems as if little boys around the world are either NOT getting this information from their mommies, sisters, etc., OR they have always been just "man enough" to ignore the completely obvious.

When couples first start dating, everything is perfect! A lot of men and women out there dating have never lived with a member of the opposite sex before, and there are just some things that men tend to believe about women regardless of whether or not it LOGICALLY makes any sense... And I know that part of the problem is the women's fault as we can (on occasion) lead you to believe some things to be true, but I have never understood why men actually believe certain myths.

For instance...

MYTH - Girls don't poop. Well sorry fellas, I know it is very unladylike, a little icky and a whole lot gross to imagine your woman on the shitter for 30 minutes reading a magazine, BUT IT HAPPENS. Usually every day.

MYTH - Girls don't burp or fart. Um... yea that one is total horseshit. I know that men might believe this one because women are careful to not do this around YOU. At first... :) But I can put my man to shame with some of my burps, although I do have to admit my farts are no where near the caliber of his. But we still DO fart.

MYTH - Girls faces are magically colored to enhance our beauty from the moment we wake up. Sorry, I'm gonna nip this one in the bud too... You wanna know the REAL reason women tend to not spend the night with you (or you at their house) during that first month or so? It's not our outstanding morals or the need to save "it" for marriage or until we are really really really in love with you... it's because we don't want you to see us first thing in the morning. It's not pretty and no amount of "wishing it away" is going to change that... It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to look the way we do.

MYTH - Girls' legs, underarms, and private areas are genetically dispositioned to not grow any hair. And if any hair does grow, it will naturally keep itself neat and tidy and visually appealing. Ok men are just fucking morons to believe this. But none the less, after two days of romping around in the sheets, only surfacing to grab the phone to order delivery or take a quick potty break, men are actually SHOCKED when they run their hand up your leg and feel the prickly's. They think "it wasn't like that yesterday!!!" Well, no, and I shaved yesterday, dumbass. Didn't shave today, I've been too busy boinking you.

MYTH - Women naturally smell like roses, vanilla, and other yummy smells. We wear perfume dummy. FOR YOU usually. So yea, we are not going to smell like that first thing in the morning... sorry...

MYTH - Women don't perspire. Nope, we get all hot and sweaty just like you. If it is hot out and you think it's funny to tickle us under the arms, be prepared that your hand might get a little MOIST. Would you stick your hand in YOUR armpit in 110 degree heat? Nope, didn't think so.

MYTH - Women LOVED to be tickled. I fucking hate to be tickled, and I would bet $1 that your woman hates it too.

MYTH - Women want their man to be in charge. I'm pretty sure that MOST men should know this by now, but women can make decisions on their own AND they actually do have opinions. We don't need you to "take care of" everything. You want to be in charge of the trash, fine, but do not expect us to check with you on any given decision that needs to be made every single time.

MYTH - Women have no idea what they want to eat. We know, and we are perfectly capable of ordering it ourselves. Thanks.

MYTH - Car? What's a car? Women are not stupid, so please stop assuming that we know nothing about cars. We know what it means to get the oil changed and we know that it should not cost us $200, so stop trying to rip us off at auto shops. Also, we can and do drive ourselves around town, so we can in fact pick out the kind of car we want to buy without our boyfriend's or daddy's advice or approval - so stop "suggesting" I call him.

MYTH - Women love to take care of the house (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, etc.) and would prefer if you just sit on your ass watching the game. Um, no. A little help would nice, asshole. And it wouldn't kill you to cook a meal.

MYTH - All women are great cooks. NOT TRUE! I know lots of gals that can order a pizza like nobodies business, but couldn't cook spaghetti to save their lives. Do yourself a favor and learn to cook. Even if your woman CAN cook, that doesn't mean she WANTS to cook 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

MYTH - Women don't know how to grill. Bullshit.

Well, I know there are more than that, but that is all my tiny little woman brain can think of right now. Feel free to add more in comments if you can think of any!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Life Lessons From 1980's Movies

So, as most know, my sister and I consider ourselves to be "movie buffs". Movie have played a big role in our lives, so we have colaborated and came up with this listing of the lessons we have learned through watching movies from the 80's. These lessons have shaped us into the wonderful people we are today.

If you cannot guess what movies these came from (at least half of them) then it's one of three things:

A. You are toooooo young to remember any of these!
B. You are toooooo old to remember any of these!
C. You had a deprived childhood. :)

Shall we begin?

1. Never give your panties to a nerd.
2. Always pay your newspaper bill.
3. If you are a geeky girl, the hottest guy in school IS secretly pining for you.
4. Men are always sexier while wearing a loin cloth.
5. Detention can be fun!
6. Goonies never say die.
7. Skipping school is perfectly acceptable ONLY if you go on a national dancing show. And win.
8. If your grandparents disappear, do NOT worry. They are with nice friendly aliens. Not Aging.
9. Never go up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.
10. If you are dying from hypothermia, you should slice open a large animal (a light saber is recommended for this task) and climb inside to stay warm until help arrives.
11. Do not let your pets eat after midnight.
12. There is more than one unicorn left in the world, they are just all in the ocean.
13. The correct term for a rifle is “boomstick”.
14. This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for shooting, this is for fun.
15. Napalm smells better in the morning.
16. If someone asks you if you’re a god, you say YES.
17. Apes don’t read philosophy.
18. Only a virgin will be able to read the spell.
19. Wolfman DOES have nards.
20. If your sister goes missing, check inside the TV first.
21. You CAN buy love – for $1000.00.
22. Geeks are much better friends than popular people.
23. If you are 17 and REALLY need a job, just fake your resume – they never actually check anything on there anyways.
24. If you are babysitting and end up in a bar full of black people, if you sing them the blues they will not harm you.
25. If you are intelligent, but an under-achiever; alienated from his parents; has few friends and plays tic-tac-toe on your computer you are a classic case for recruitment by the Soviets.
26. Do NOT cross the streams.
27. Chocolate coating makes it go down easier.
28. If you get invited to go to a “small town in Nebraska” but no one knows what a VCR is… you are ACTUALLY in the Soviet Union.
29. Dancing is a very effective way to get an overprotective preacher to loosen up.
30. If you see some doody floating in the pool, take a bite, it just might be a Baby Ruth.
31. Comic Books are an EXCELLENT resource for researching vampires and how to kill them.
32. If you find your friend in a big cocoon of cotton candy, RUN! Killer Clowns are on the loose!
33. If you want to get taller in order to ride a roller coaster, find a Zoltar machine, unplug it, and make a wish.
34. Two men enter, one man leaves.....THAT IS THE LAW
35. You shouldn’t try passing off recovered alien technology as your high school science project.
36. If you are a gamer BEWARE of getting the high score on an arcade game, if you do you will be recruited to fight in an intergalactic war!
37. During all police investigations, it will be necessary to visit a strip club at least once.
38. If you are in space be careful of STD's, especially Space Herpes!
39. You're very likely to survive any battle in any war unless you make the mistake of showing someone a picture of your sweetheart back home.
40. If you are the chosen one, reaching into lava to retrieve a magical weapon to destroy evil will not harm you.
41. If you cut off the horn of a Unicorn, you will plunge the world into eternal darkness
42. If a large pane of glass is visible, someone will be thrown through it before long.
43. When in doubt, nuke the site from orbit!!
44. If you are a man you're chances of getting laid greatly increase if you can hammer a 6 inch spike through a board with your penis.
45. If you are a geeky guy in high school who has trouble getting girls so you decide to make one, don’t forget to wear a bra on your head.
46. In order to take off any miles you may put on your father’s car, just drive home backwards.
47. If you want to get the “cool dream guy”, just wear skin tight black leather, pierce your ears and learn to smoke.
48. Pool sticks, chairs, and bottles are excellent choices for weapons in a bar fight, as they shatter on impact and can incapacitate someone in one whack.
49. When you “mess with the bull, you get the horns”.
50. And, finally, if you see a woman in a diner having a spontaneous orgasm in the middle of her meal, you should probably order “whatever she’s having”.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

So I'm a BIG freakin' Sissy

So, as I was trying to think of ideas for my blog (as I OBVIOUSLY need some new ones, my last couple of posts having been lacking of their original luster), it was suggested to me to write about the things in my life that I was afraid of, but have overcome. That I could call the blog "No Fear".
Uh, huh...

What a fucking joke. Do you see what the title of this is?? Yep. That's right. BIG SISSY. Anyone who read my Legendary Spider Adventure should now by now, I do not "Face my Fears" well. I make the cowardly lion look like the freakin' terminator.

If there are things that I am afraid of, I don't DO THOSE THINGS. End of story. Isn't that sad? There are a lot of things that was scared of, but went ahead and TRIED - and it scared the shit out of me, so I never did it again... Apparently with me, there are no "second chances".

For example, I was so scared of the diving board when I was younger. At a class field trip we went to an olympic sized swimming pool with several diving boards, including a high dive. All of my classmates were SO excited about it and were pushing and shoving to be the first ones in line. EXCEPT ME. I hung in the back, letting everyone cut in line. I had abosolutely NO desire to climb 2 stories up, walk out on a 2" thick piece of plastic and purposely hurl myself towards a few (ok 10) feet of water. I was sure I would hurt myself, get water up my nose, break something or die.

Now, as I stood in the back of the line, other kids starting teasing me and pushing me toward the ladder... peer pressure is a bitch.

After all the pushing and laughing and giggling, I was finally forced onto the ladder of doom. Up and up and up I climbed, shaking with fear, and listening to the other kids tell me to hurry so they could have another turn.

I walked out onto the diving board. It was blue, wet, and scratchy on the bottoms of my feet. I bravely walked out to the end. Looked down. OMG. There is no way I can do this. "JUST JUMP!" I thought to myself. So I plugged my nose (told you I was a geek), ran, and jumped! All I remember is falling and falling and falling.... and peeing my pants... yes. That's right. I peed my pants. Well, swimsuit. I don't think anyone really saw that part, because I was never made fun of about it (or maybe they were just being nice... who the fuck am I kidding, kids aren't nice!). But that humilation has stuck with me for 20 years. I HATE the diving board. I don't go on the diving board. I just don't.

Same with rollar coasters. When I was VERY little, my uncle (I think it was, can't remember I was VERY little...) was running the little kiddie "alligator rollar coaster" at a carnival (and don't give me shit about carnie relatives!). Anyone remember that? The track was like 2' to 4 feet off the ground and went in a big oval. They put me, my sister, my brother and a slew of other little kids on it and I was SO excited. Until it STARTED. Oh, I fucking lost it. I screamed and flailed and damn near tried to jump out. I fucking hated it and I wanted OFF THAT SECOND. They had to stop the ride so I could get off. I'm sure all the other little kids were shooting me dirty looks, and I could still very well be on someone's "People to Kill" list for fucking up the awesome rollar coaster ride for everyone.

I have not ridden a rollar coaster since. Or any other ride at a carnival - I guess in my mind they are ALL guilty by association.

Other things I hate, because they scared the ever-loving shit out of me, and I have NO explanation why. I don't know why, I just know I'm scared.

Like.... I hate spiders. I don't kill them. I scream and get someone else to kill them. The ONLY ONLY ONLY exception is when I am in a position that one of my kids might get bit by it or something. Then and only then can I reach out with that magazine, flyswatter, or shoe and smash the freakin' thing. And NEVER IN MY LIFE would I ever consider killing a spider with my bare hands. You would have to be out of your fucking mind to even SUGGEST that to me.

I hate to drive in cities that I don't know. I will drive all the highways you can throw at me, but once we hit the city - "here it's your turn". No shit. That's one reason I don't travel alone! I will fly in and take a cab everywhere. I am willing to pay money for the convienence ofsomeone else taking me where ever I wish to go, as well as the luxury of not getting lost in the wrong part of town and ending up chopped into little pieces and turned into a piece of artwork at Charlie Manson's cousin's house. I am scared that I will get lost - because I HAVE. I don't like to be lost. I'm a control freak, and when you are lost in a strange city, all control goes out the window.

I am also afraid of confrontation. Which is weird because as a older teenager, I was MS. Confrontation. But as I get older and older, I get meeker and meeker. I don't want to stir the pot. I don't want to rock the boat. I will send my food back at a restaraunt, but I try and be as nice as I can about it most of the time, for fear that they will totally fuck up my food (I saw the movie Waiting...).

I am afraid of glass doors covered with blinds or curtains at nighttime. No kidding, I really am. I have this irrational fear that "someone is out there". I cannot shake it. I cannot bring myself to pull the curtains back at night. Omg, I just can't. I even picture what my attacker would look like, and have had nightmares about that crazy son of a bitch.

So, anyways, I guess that about sums up how well I have "overcome" my fears in life... what are you afraid of???? :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumkin Eater

My 5 year old is a cheater.

Yep, you heard me. She is 5 and she just learned how to cheat on her reading list so she can get a free personal pan pizza and attend the "book reading party" at school.

Last night, I came home from work, and I saw that Josie had gotten down her reading list (she is supposed to read 10 books in November) off the fridge. When I left that morning, it had 3 books on it. She had read a book with Pat and he let her write the name of the book on one of the lines ALL BY HERSELF! Yea for Josie!

BUT - about 20 minutes later I caught her sitting at the table with a pile of books. She was carefully copying the titles of the books onto her reading list sheet. She was on book 9 when I found her. She looked at me and said "Hey mommy, look! I'm almost done with my book it paper!"

Awww... now I know it was cute, and she was SO proud of herself. But, I wasn't sure how to handle the situation. I told her that we could only put a book on there if we ACTUALLY READ IT first. And from now on, let mommy help her fill it out.

Then I looked at the page. There was no way in hell the teacher was ever going to be able to read that... so I went back and wrote the titles AGAIN just below what she had written.... so techincally I guess I helped her cheat...

But, then I decided that she could not turn it in until we read all those books. So I get to go home tonight and read 6 books, just so I don't feel like a shitty mom and letting my kid lie so she could get pizza...

Anyways, that was the most eventful thing of my day.

BUT THE FUNNIEST THING was that Patrick had been home all day...with the kids... Now, what does Pat like to do when he is home? Well, play WoW of course!!

So, he took off Veteran's Day because it was offered at work. He was sooo excited thinking he would just play all day, because Josie would be home and could help entertain Mia, and I would be at work, so I would be out of his face.

Well, long story short, the WoW server was offline. ALLLLLLLL DAY. Yep! And in fact, it was STILL out at 10 pm when I went to bed!

He was pissed, and I laughed.

Gosh I sure love him. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

RANT - If you get offended easily, don't read this.

I can’t bring myself to read the paper anymore. There are several things that bother me about the news… first, I am tired of hearing about Prop 8.

Prop 8 (for those who don’t know) is the proposition that was voted on in California on the 4th. It reverses the “same sex marriage” thing that was passed by their Supreme Court a few months ago. So now, since the 4th, same sex marriages are no longer legal in CA. What I don’t understand is why so many people feel it is their place to tell others how to live their lives.

Why should you even CARE if 2 women or 2 men want to get married? Who gives a shit? They are not hurting anyone! I say if you are not gay, they you should not get to vote on this. All the jerk offs that are against it are saying that it destroys the “sanctity” of marriage. Oh, what the fuck ever. You know, heterosexual couples are more likely to divorce, split up, abuse their spouses, commit adultery, etc. WE are the one destroying the “sanctity” of marriage.

Marriage isn’t sacred and it hasn’t been for a long fucking time. Same sex couples who want to declare to their friends and families (and their God) their undying and unwavering love for each other, make that commitment, and choose to live that lifestyle should be commended, not condemned. They are humans and have the same feelings and emotions as everyone else, and they deserve the same opportunities. If you are against same sex marriages, then don’t YOU marry someone of the same sex…

Second is abortion. Are we all still arguing about this?? Are you serious?

Ok, I’m pro-choice. I personally, would not have an abortion unless (strenuously) recommended by my doctor, but I would never deny someone else the right to decide what to do with their own body. The opposers want to outlaw ALL abortions…

Let’s say you have a 13 year old daughter. She gets raped and ends up pregnant. At her age, it is a dangerous pregnancy anyways, without the addition of the emotional trauma that was endured to end up pregnant. Say the person who raped her had AIDS. So now, she is 13, pregnant with a stranger’s baby (a stranger that had robbed her of her innocence, her self esteem, her feeling of safety and security, and probably damaged her perception of men for the rest of her life), infected with a terminal disease, and has so much emotion and physical damage that it will be a danger for her to continue her pregnancy. Not to mention the fact that if she did have this child (and lived through it), it would be a constant reminder of the traumatic experience, every day for the rest of her life. The child never knowing his/her father, eventually finding out that their “daddy” was a rapist. "Therapy for one child" coming right up…

Now this is an extreme case, but would you seriously say, “Nope, you go ahead and have that baby!” to that young girl? NO abortion means just that - NONE. So she would be forced to continue the pregnancy, (which might kill her) or she can find a friend to push her down the stairs and punch her in the stomach to try and force a miscarriage. If that doesn’t work, wire hanger abortion in an alley somewhere (which will ALSO probably kill her).

Again, an example of people trying to tell other people what to do with their lives… I am so fucking tired of a percent of the population thinking THEY know what is best for EVERYONE. What is right for one person, may NOT be right for you, and vice versa. Everyone is different, has their own thoughts and feelings, and is capable of making their own decisions. Shut the hell up and mind your own business. If you are against abortion, then don’t YOU get one.

Are these REALLY the types of issues we should be spending our time and energy on? Whether or not that girl can marry another girl? WTF? These are two examples of the absolute NEED for separation of church and state. These are moral issues that each individual must address on their own and make their own decisions about what they want to do (or not do) in their lives. “The bible says it’s wrong!” Who gives a shit? Guess what, not everyone believes the same religion that you do, so come up with a different argument that can be applied across the table…

How about we vote on strategies to address the energy crisis, or maybe pass some new legislation to put a stop to child abuse, or address (the lack of) education for our children, or even new ideas for medical or social security? How about we all sit down and brainstorm about how we can fix the REAL problems of this country instead of spending our energy on this bullshit. That’s all people REALLY have an opinion on – no one wants to talk about real problems, because that makes them more real… Ignore it, maybe it will go away…

For instance, every day I read about children being hurt or killed by their parents. Why are we not working on THAT problem? Kids being thrown off of bridges, given bathes in scalding hot water so that their skin melts off, a baby being put in the microwave, father drowning his 4 kids in a bathtub, children being beaten, broken and murdered…

SIX child abuse homicides this year SO FAR in Wichita and we are arguing and voting about whether or not we should be allowed to have smoking sections in restaurants… WHO GIVES A SHIT?? ADDRESS A REAL PROBLEM!!!! Sorry, if you want to tell children that is it more important that we have smoke free eating establishments than it is to make sure that their parents do not starve, beat, and murder them, then you are a poor excuse for a human being.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby steps to 5 o'clock...

OMG is it just me, or does the last hour on a Friday seem to go on FOR-EVER?

I have been sitting here all afternoon, diligently working, taking my appropriate smoke breaks, and occasionally getting up for more water. I was thinking, "You know, it has got to be getting close to time to start wrapping things up. I better finish this and start closing down my computer..."

THEN... I looked up at the clock. 3:45? Are you fucking kidding me? I still have another hour and 15 before I can go home! This is bullshit. I think that Friday's should be half-days. Go in or stay late an extra hour the other 4 days, then go home at noon on Friday. I'd be first in line if they ever offered that around here!!

Well, maybe I'm still messed up from the time change. I mean, REALLY is should be a quarter til 5 right?

And now I have lost all motivation to actually DO any work.

BUT - I am glad today is Friday! Holy poo I need a day off.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hi, my name is Angie, and I'm an addict

So, for those of you that KNOW me, you may have realized over the years that I have a serious problem. This problem has gotten increasing worse over the past couple of years...

My problem is - I buy a lot of shit off of TV. No kidding. I really do. I have apparently purchased enough items to merit being sent an "As Seen On TV" catalog! And, by the way, I love the catalog, I want to buy so much shit out of it...

I know some of you may be a little skeptical as to the extend of my addiction, so to prove my point I have supplied a list of some of the products I have bought over the years, one of them as early as last week. :) Please let me know if you know of any support groups.

Teeth Whitener. This did not really work, but I did get a free robe with purchase.

Chocolate Maker. I have used this about half a dozen times - EVER. But it does work and it is pretty fun. :)

Ab Roller. I don't know if this worked, as I have never used it.

Yoga Booty Ballet DVD set. This is a workout DVD that combines yoga, ballet and dance. It was actually kind of hard and I quit using it after about a week.

Debt Cures book. This is an awesome book. It had a lot of good information, and I feel was a good purchase.

K-Styler. This is a hair straightener. I love it and use it everyday. Another good purchase.

Hot Wax Kit. This fucking thing didn’t work for shit. The “hot” part worked (omg!) but when I ripped off the little strip I was still as bushy as I was before. I didn’t have the balls to keep trying.

Hand Blender. I used this for about a month. Don’t even know where it is now…

Diet Pills. These didn’t work either. Go figure.

Zerosmoke. This was a magnet that you put on your ear to help you quit smoking. Apparently it is supposed to simulate acupuncture and block the “I want a cigarette” signals to the brain. Didn’t work.

Space Bags. These things are awesome, but too expensive. Luckily you can buy them at Wal-Mart now.

Ped Egg. This little gadget is supposed to help remove calluses and dead dry skin from your feet. Might as well of used a metal cheese grater, that’s what it looks AND feels like. But I have to admit, the dead skin WAS gone…

Mineral Make-up. This was crap. Big Josie kind of talked me into this one… I’m back to using store bought stuff.

Sonic Scrubbers. These are electronic toothbrushes that you use to clean unsightly bathtub tiles and grout. They work, but are louder than shit and take FOREVER to clean a whole tub.

Core Rhythms. This is a workout DVD that is supposed to incorporate Latin Dance into an aerobic exercise. I haven’t gotten it yet, so we’ll see… :)

Hopefully the Core Rhythms one will help me tone up. I have been losing some weight, but I'm stil flabby. :(

Oh by the way, today's weight 164 1/2 lbs! (weight loss of 12 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks!)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Girl Beds

Oh, lordy lordy lordy. We got a couple big girls at my house now!

So, Saturday we went and bought Josie a twin bed. Her old toddler bed got passed down to Mia, and the crib is now Blakes. Out of the 3 of them, Blake is liking this arrangement the most, then Josie, and Mia fucking hates it.

Blake is enjoying having an ACTUAL real life bed to sleep in. He had outgrown his basinet a while ago, and his sleeping habits were very much like his father's (sleep all morning, stay up until 2 or 3 am). NOW he is in a nice big roomy crib! He went to sleep about 11:30 pm last night and didn't wake up until 4 am for a bottle, then right back to sleep. Ahhhh....

Josie is very excited, but keeps getting out of her bed to tell me she is scared or "something" is wrong in her room. Then she told Mia that if the monster's come after her, she can get in her bed... wtf? Why would she say that? Now Mia was all "Munter??" with big open eyes and hands over her mouth... shit. The first night Josie slept in her bed, about midnight Pat and I heard a very loud THUMP! We looked at each other and he took off running upstairs to check on the girls. Josie had fallen out of her bed. She was standing on the side all dazed with a "what the fuck happened?" look on her face. Pat helped her get back in and off to sleepyland she went again...

The funniest thing was the next morning I asked her how she liked her new bed - "Fantastic!" was her answer... I guess she didn't remember the loooong drop. :)

And then there is Mia. Mia hates it and keeps wanting to get back in the "baby bed". The first night she kept getting out of bed and unplugging the night lights, and then SCREAMING because it got dark. I guess I could have shrugged it off, except she did it FOUR damn times! What the hell? Why?? Then we finally let her fall asleep in the crib and moved her over after she fell asleep.

Mia has consistently gotten out of bed every night now at least 68 times for various reasons. I half want to just say fuck it, and put her in the crib. But I have decided that it will just take some time for her to get used to it, and I need to stick to my guns.

And, then this morning... I took a shower, got out, dried off, and headed downstairs to grab some clothes. I get the bottom of the first stairs when I hear "BERRRRRNN" very loud and scared the shit out of me... it was MIA! Yep! Sitting in the dark in the living room, turning on the TV at 6:30 in the morning. Again I start rethinking the whole "big girl bed" thing...

But in the end, I guess I am proud of her for doing this. She is getting a little better each night, and last night she actually DID fall asleep IN her bed! WOO HOO! So, we will see what the week will hold.

Wish me luck, and about 8:30 pm tonight, whisper "Mia, you are tired and want to go to sleep" about 15 times and maybe it will have a "do you believe in fairies" type of effect! Help a sista out, will ya???

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, its Halloween. This used to be one of my favorite holidays as a kid! I have SO many memories of trick or treating with my brother and sister, and then when I got older, my friends.

I still remember where the "good candy" houses are, and remember the furthest I ever walked one year. I made it halfway across town and had to drag my pillowcase back because it was so full of candy.

I remember hiding all the candy so my mom didn't know how much I really had. I remember sorting it all into like kinds, the "good stuff", the "yucky stuff", the stuff I wanted to trade, and the stuff I wanted to eat first. All the starbursts in one pile, all the candy bars in another. All the licorice over here, and all the stupid pencils and tiny toys over THERE.

Although, I can't remember what I ever dressed up as... I know one year I was yoda, and another year I was a baby (that was the most fun!), but other than that, I can't recall... Isn't that sad? The was one of the most important things, deciding what you were going to "be". And now I can't remember any of those "oh, so important" decisions.

This year all three of my kids are dressing up, and Pat has taken the day off to go trick or treating with us. Josie is going to be Tinkerbell, Mia is going to be a kitty cat, and Blake is going to be a monkey. :) I am actually looking forward to tonight. I think it will be so much fun to go out as a family and make some memories for my kids.

Anyways, tonight should be a lot of fun. The weather should be perfect, and the whole family is going out on the town! Hope they have as much fun as I did!

PS. Today's weight 169 lbs.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angie's Top 5

Top 5 Things I Love About Having Kids
1. Never a dull moment
2. The “I love you mommy” :)
3. Someone is ALWAYS happy to see you come home
4. The hugs and kisses goodnight
5. Their laughter

Top 5 Things I DON’T Like About Having Kids
1. Cleaning Bottles
2. Car seats
3. Poopy Diapers
5. Having to make every single decision about every single thing, every single day

Top 5 Things I like to do when no one is home:
1. Sleep
2. Play WoW
3. Watch infomercials
4. Eat chips and dip without having to worry about little fingers getting in it
5. Masturbate

Top 5 Reasons why I like to work
1. Adult conversation with adults!
2. Making money
3. Get out of my house for a while
4. Taking long lunches ALONE
5. Making money

Top 5 things to do in the car while driving
1. Smoke
2. Cuss at other drivers
3. Talk on the phone
4. Play the radio really loud
5. Watch other people pick their noses at stoplights

Top 5 Restaurants
1. Red Lobster
2. Carlos O’Kellys
3. Sal’s
4. Olive Garden
5. Golden Coral

Top 5 “Extras” I don’t mind spending money on
1. Massage
2. Facial
3. Pedicure
4. Extra Cheese
5. Delivery

Top 5 Things I want to do before I’m 30
1. Lose weight!
2. Start taking some college courses
3. Go on a REAL vacation with Pat
4. Get another tattoo
5. Get plastic surgery

Top 5 Pet Peeves
1. People who do not answer their phone
2. People who ask me where shit is without even looking for it
3. Strangers in the store who think they know how to raise your kids better than you do and feel the need to give you “advice” on stuff
4. People who take up a REALLY good parking place with a motorcycle
5. People who leave seconds on the microwave, instead of pushing clear

Top 5 Weird Things I’ve Done
1. Became an ordained minister
2. Learned how to read Tarot cards
3. Dress up and work at the Ren Fair every year (bi-annually actually!)
4. Starting writing a book…but never finished
5. Became a MOTHER!! WEIRD! :)

Top 5 Regrets
1. Ages 17-22
2. Never going to college
3. Getting a GED instead of a real diploma
4. The way I treated my family and friends for sooo many years
5. Josie having Chris’ last name…I wish I could change it

Well there you have it! At least the beginning, I'll add more if I think of some!

What are your "Top 5"?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Update on My Diet

Ok, so I started my diet last Wednesday. I have NOT had a REAL soda since, and since I don't really like diet soda, I've only had maybe one or two of those a day. I have been drinking more water and tea (green tea with citrus - yum). If you recall, the real soda (10 a day) was apparently my biggest "fat-ass" contributer, so this is a huge step for me.

I have also been wearing my pedometer, and am averaging about 7k steps a day (my goal is 10k). I think this is pretty good, so I'm not going to KILL myself trying to get them, but I am going to keep trying to do a little extra each day and see where it leads me.

So... today I weighed myself. 171 lbs.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 6 big ones! That's what I'm talking about. I hope they came off of my ass...

Anyways, so it's working, and I feel great. I eat when I'm supposed to but I just eat a LOT less. Where I would usually have 2 sandwiches and a bowl of soup, I have 1/2 sandwich and a little bit of the soup before I'm full. And my willpower against takeout is amazing because I'm not really that hungry, so I find myself not going out to eat because I know half of the food will just go to waste and I don't want to waste the money.

I usually snack on cucumber slices, cheese and apple slices, cottage cheese, etc., because I can control how much I cut up and I don't have to throw any of it away.

Saturday night I thought I really fucked up because I went to a wedding and had some steak and garlic mashed potatoes and then drank all night... all the booze and beer are just empty calories that I don't need PLUS a big dinner, I really thought I had screwed myself. But I guess all the "exercise" later that night must have worked off all those extras! (Yes I'm talking about sex, cover your ears, little ones).

I have been sleeping about normal, but have had more energy throughout the day (which I desperately needed), so all in all I think it's going great! Keep your fingers crossed for me, and hopefully I will continue to do well in the upcoming weeks/months.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Mia, Mia, Mia

Oh, geez, my little Mia. She is sooooo cute, but can really be quite a pain.

Today - she hid my keys.

OMG I spent 20 minutes looking for them and STILL didn't find them. Funny part is when I asked her to go find them and bring them to me, she ran off and came back with Pat's keys (apparently she had them also), but not mine.

I TORE that place apart, looking everywhere. Dumped out boxes of toys, looked in her toy kitchen, in her room, my room, the bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, playroom. Under the couches, under the cushions, in the trashcan (Pat found his phone there once), in the diaper bag, EVERYWHERE!!!!!

I finally said fuck it, and just took my car key off of Pat's keyring and told he to hide a house key outside for me when he left and call and let me know where. I was 25 minutes late to work, and was pissed and fuming the WHOLE way.

Once I got to work, complained to a couple people about my morning, and explained to my boss why I was late, and apologized for it (he said "I don't care about that stuff, I knew you would call if you were not going to be in at all.... THATS cool!)

Then, I started retracing my steps from last night, and trying to remember the last time I SAW them... well, Mia had them. She was in the kitchen, and was trying to use them on her toy car. THE TOY CAR!!!! Omg, why didn't I think of that? I remember that her toy car has a seat that lifts up with a cubby hole underneath. So I call Pat. "Sweetie, I am soooo sorry I yelled at you this morning about my keys. I was just very frustrated, and didn't mean to take it out on you...but, hey - could you check Mia's toy car?"

............................ TA DA! There they are!!!! WHOOO HOOO! Fantastic. So I got all worked up and they were in the only place I didn't think to check... man, I feel stupid.

So, to ensure this doesn't happen again, I have come up with a GREAT idea. I am going to go to WalMart and buy a bunch of blank keys, and a few different key chains. I am going to make Mia her OWN set of keys!! I think she will LOVE this!! Damn, I'm a freakin' genius....

Well, wish me luck, I hope it works. :)

You know, a friend of mine (mother of three, oldest just turned 18) once told me - "I think they make the little ones really cute so you don't kill them. And they make the older ones little assholes so you won't miss them as much when they decide to move out!!"

Oh, and on another note - my weight loss plan seems to be going well. I have been having a hard time meeting my calorie limit. I am at about half that, so my nutritionist suggested I take the rest of my prenatal vitamins to help. After those are gone, I can just get an over-the-counter one. Soooo.... yea! :)

I'm on day three - weight 174 lbs. ( I lost 3 pounds!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fattys On Parade!

~WIPES FORHEAD~ Wheeeeeew...... That's done. I went to the doctor today. My reason for going? I'm too fat. Yep. You can apparently go to the doctor for that now.

If you have previous blogs you will know that I had an appointment today to start my "Weight Loss With Meds" program. Well, I was very nervous that they would go through my lab results and find that I was not a good candidate or something like that, I would have to go back to trying to do it the hard way - eating right, exercising, etc.

But come to find out, everything went GREAT! With the exception of the doctor telling me I have no life, and I need to get one (yea, no shit doc? I could have told you that, and I didn't have to go to school for 16 years).

My steps to my weight loss target goal of 40 lbs.

Step One: I have to stop drinking 10 regular sodas a day. If I have to have my soda, I need to pick a diet one that I can live with and drink that.

Step Two: I have to drink water also. I was told this shouldn't be hard because the meds they put me on will give me cotton mouth (not their term, mine) and all I will want is WATER. So that's cool.

Step Three: Try and keep a food diary, and pay attention to how often I eat foods on the go (like fast food, etc.)

Step Four: Try and stick generally to a 1200 calorie diet, and make sure I GET 1200 calories (apparently the med will suppress my appetite, and I have to make sure I try and eat something, even if I don't feel that hungry)

Step Four: Get a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day (yeah that's not a typo...that will be the hardest I think)

Step Five: Take my meds as early in the morning as I can, daily. (Early because apparently they will keep you up late if you take them too late in the day.)

And that's it.

They put me on Phentermine and Prozac. Phen for weight loss and energy (an upper) and Prozac to even it out (a downer) and plus because I have no life (according to the doctor).

My doctor has assured me that this weight loss drug has been examined over and over and over again, and they can't find any reason that it should be pulled like some of the other weight loss drugs. He has taken it, and has prescribed it for over 15 years, and in his opinion, is completely safe when used correctly (like any controlled substance).

The nutritionist told me that in her opinion, if I cut out the soda (or go to a diet), and take my meds, that should be all I need to meet my goal. I am going to try and do the other stuff too, but those are going to be my big ones to concetrate on...

So today, my spirits are high, as is my motivation to finally do something about my weight.

Wish me luck!!!!

Oh, PS, I was sitting at the computer last night feeding Blake when my screensaver came up - it is a slideshow of pictures of me, Pat and the kids at special events over the past few years... the pictures were pretty much in chronological order, and I noticed I just kept getting fatter in each picture... time for things to change.

Starting Weight - 177 lbs. (shhhh) Let's keep track of this, shall we?