Thursday, October 30, 2008

Angie's Top 5

Top 5 Things I Love About Having Kids
1. Never a dull moment
2. The “I love you mommy” :)
3. Someone is ALWAYS happy to see you come home
4. The hugs and kisses goodnight
5. Their laughter

Top 5 Things I DON’T Like About Having Kids
1. Cleaning Bottles
2. Car seats
3. Poopy Diapers
5. Having to make every single decision about every single thing, every single day

Top 5 Things I like to do when no one is home:
1. Sleep
2. Play WoW
3. Watch infomercials
4. Eat chips and dip without having to worry about little fingers getting in it
5. Masturbate

Top 5 Reasons why I like to work
1. Adult conversation with adults!
2. Making money
3. Get out of my house for a while
4. Taking long lunches ALONE
5. Making money

Top 5 things to do in the car while driving
1. Smoke
2. Cuss at other drivers
3. Talk on the phone
4. Play the radio really loud
5. Watch other people pick their noses at stoplights

Top 5 Restaurants
1. Red Lobster
2. Carlos O’Kellys
3. Sal’s
4. Olive Garden
5. Golden Coral

Top 5 “Extras” I don’t mind spending money on
1. Massage
2. Facial
3. Pedicure
4. Extra Cheese
5. Delivery

Top 5 Things I want to do before I’m 30
1. Lose weight!
2. Start taking some college courses
3. Go on a REAL vacation with Pat
4. Get another tattoo
5. Get plastic surgery

Top 5 Pet Peeves
1. People who do not answer their phone
2. People who ask me where shit is without even looking for it
3. Strangers in the store who think they know how to raise your kids better than you do and feel the need to give you “advice” on stuff
4. People who take up a REALLY good parking place with a motorcycle
5. People who leave seconds on the microwave, instead of pushing clear

Top 5 Weird Things I’ve Done
1. Became an ordained minister
2. Learned how to read Tarot cards
3. Dress up and work at the Ren Fair every year (bi-annually actually!)
4. Starting writing a book…but never finished
5. Became a MOTHER!! WEIRD! :)

Top 5 Regrets
1. Ages 17-22
2. Never going to college
3. Getting a GED instead of a real diploma
4. The way I treated my family and friends for sooo many years
5. Josie having Chris’ last name…I wish I could change it

Well there you have it! At least the beginning, I'll add more if I think of some!

What are your "Top 5"?

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  1. LOL These are great! I personally liked your "extras" too funny. I am really glad to see that masterbation is on your list...a very healthy passtime! I will give you my top fives...maybe I will go ten hmmmmm who knows? It will be my next blog.


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