Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh, Mia, Mia, Mia

Oh, geez, my little Mia. She is sooooo cute, but can really be quite a pain.

Today - she hid my keys.

OMG I spent 20 minutes looking for them and STILL didn't find them. Funny part is when I asked her to go find them and bring them to me, she ran off and came back with Pat's keys (apparently she had them also), but not mine.

I TORE that place apart, looking everywhere. Dumped out boxes of toys, looked in her toy kitchen, in her room, my room, the bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, playroom. Under the couches, under the cushions, in the trashcan (Pat found his phone there once), in the diaper bag, EVERYWHERE!!!!!

I finally said fuck it, and just took my car key off of Pat's keyring and told he to hide a house key outside for me when he left and call and let me know where. I was 25 minutes late to work, and was pissed and fuming the WHOLE way.

Once I got to work, complained to a couple people about my morning, and explained to my boss why I was late, and apologized for it (he said "I don't care about that stuff, I knew you would call if you were not going to be in at all.... THATS cool!)

Then, I started retracing my steps from last night, and trying to remember the last time I SAW them... well, Mia had them. She was in the kitchen, and was trying to use them on her toy car. THE TOY CAR!!!! Omg, why didn't I think of that? I remember that her toy car has a seat that lifts up with a cubby hole underneath. So I call Pat. "Sweetie, I am soooo sorry I yelled at you this morning about my keys. I was just very frustrated, and didn't mean to take it out on you...but, hey - could you check Mia's toy car?"

............................ TA DA! There they are!!!! WHOOO HOOO! Fantastic. So I got all worked up and they were in the only place I didn't think to check... man, I feel stupid.

So, to ensure this doesn't happen again, I have come up with a GREAT idea. I am going to go to WalMart and buy a bunch of blank keys, and a few different key chains. I am going to make Mia her OWN set of keys!! I think she will LOVE this!! Damn, I'm a freakin' genius....

Well, wish me luck, I hope it works. :)

You know, a friend of mine (mother of three, oldest just turned 18) once told me - "I think they make the little ones really cute so you don't kill them. And they make the older ones little assholes so you won't miss them as much when they decide to move out!!"

Oh, and on another note - my weight loss plan seems to be going well. I have been having a hard time meeting my calorie limit. I am at about half that, so my nutritionist suggested I take the rest of my prenatal vitamins to help. After those are gone, I can just get an over-the-counter one. Soooo.... yea! :)

I'm on day three - weight 174 lbs. ( I lost 3 pounds!)

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