Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh geez

Hmmm... well I have a weird thing. I got contacted by a collection agency about a debt to Lincoln Meadows Apts where I had lived about 3 years ago. Apparently they felt I owed them some money. Now, I had owed them so $$ due to a move in "gift" I received, as I moved out before my lease was up. The lady in the office at the time had told me that I had to repay that amount, and I agreed. I made several payments, and then I stopped receiving mail from them - at this time I assumed I had paid it off.

Well, now (2 1/2 years later) I am getting harassed by an agency saying I owe about 3 times what I remember the orignal debt being for "carpet cleaning"... hmmm... well thats fucked up and I told them that I was disputing the charge, denying that it was mine. Well, being a fucking collection agency they then told me that they would have this put on my credit report and they would be contacting my employer for a garnishment. They were being assholes, so I hung up on that phone call...

Well, they called me again. And the first thing I said was "So, why are you calling me again?? I thought you guys were just going to garnish my wages for this alleged debt... that employer garnishment thingy, that not work out? I think they require PROOF of a debt through a court before they do that, which you don't have...that might be why you are having a problem with this..." So first thing out of the gate, I have pissed them off. And I don't really care.

Back and forth we go, blah blah blah. Finally I say that I do not believe this is an accurate collections, and I will not agree that this is my debt. They hang up on me this time. So I call the original debt company. The lady there was very nice, saying that she made an error and forgot to reflect the payments I had made, but the paperwork she shows says that I was also supposed to be paying a "one month rent" fee for not completing my lease. I can, honestly, see how this is probably true, but I can't remember. She says she has the paperwork, so I believe her. BUT the REAL debt is about 1/2 of what they were trying to collect. So she said she would contact them to fix it, and request that they work with me on a payment plan, due to her own error of not reporting this in a timely manner, as I had no idea about the debt and will need time in order to pay it off.

They call me back and are ASSHOLES. BUT they do set up a plan for me on the new $ amount. But then she starts being a bitch to me about the fact that this is my own fault, and the debt is almost 3 years old, and I should have been responsible enough to pay it before now... WHAT THE FUCK???? I am so pissed. Then she wanted my new address and I asked what she would need that for. She says "Fine I will put a note in here that you refused information required in order to collect this debt." I said, "First, you don't need my address to collect this debt, as I have already made arrangements to pay this online. Second, I didn't REFUSE i asked you WHY you need it." So I gave her address (very quickly and I knew she couldn't have written it down but at this point I didn't give a shit). She said she was done with my phone call. I told her to make sure to put that I complied by giving my address, its not my fault she writes slow. She hung up on me.

Fuck them

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