Monday, October 20, 2008

A Day at Home With the Kids!

So, yesterday Pat was working at the Ren Fair for my daddy, and I was at home all day with the kids. This was from about 9:15 am to 10:30 pm. THIS WAS A LONG DAY.

So it started out pretty normal with feeding the kids breakfast. Jo and Mia wanted donuts. Easy enough, right? Well, yes until we ran out. Holy shit, you would have thought I had told them that we ran out of oxygen to breath!! Biggest breakdowns in the history of breakdowns. So, to try and make it "all better" I offered Pop-Tarts... kids look at each other for a second, then "Yes, Yes, Pop-Tarts Mommy!!!!" .... well shit we are out of PopTarts. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh, here we gooooooooo again! I finally got them to settle for some cereal, but they were CLEARLY not impressed with it. ~sad faces~

Wow, 2 flip outs and it is not even 10 o'clock yet... it's gonna be a looooooooong day.

It was while the kids were eating their breakfast that I realized Blake would be waking up soon, and there was NO clean bottles (even thought Pat was home all day, the day before). So I went ahead and washed all the bottles, and all the other dishes while I was at it. As soon as I am finishing that up, Josie comes in to tell me she is cold. Now, she has been sick for a couple days, so I go to turn on the heater...

Mother#$%*&$ - the heater is still not working! The other adult in the household (trying not to name names here...) was SUPPOSED to have called the landlord and gotten it fixed the day before - he said he was "too busy"and forgot.... to busy doing what? Playing WoW???? Sleeping???? ALL DAY??

Well, shit, now I have THAT to do.

After I make that phone call, I realize my whole house looks like shit. And being raised by my mother (and knowing I had a repairman coming over) that was just unacceptable. It doesn't matter if someone if coming over just to take a crap in my toilet, if I'm having company, I CLEAN. So, the cleaning commences.

While I was furiously cleaning my house (mostly just the areas he might see...) the girls did some coloring while watching the new Pooh Halloween Movie. After coming downstairs from the bedrooms, I notice some green paint on the wall... so I turn the corner....and.... OMG. Mia had found a "Paint Pen" and painted the hallway going down the stairs. O, mommy flipped her lid. I took the pen, threw it in the trash (while muttering "no more F-ing Paint Pens in the F-ing house!!!!!") and started cleaning THAT mess...

Ok, finally, kids had breakfast, dishes are done, bottles are washed, house is clean, walls are clean, baby got fed - time for LUNCH!! It is 12:30... its BARELY been 3 hours... wow...

So, lunch... Hmmm..... no food in the house. And I'm not taking all 3 kids to the store ON A SUNDAY, plus the heater guy is supposed to be showing up any time. SO - can of chicken noodle soup it is.

Kids are sitting down, eating their soup and crackers, so I go take a potty break! YEA! Come back up, and Blake has spit up on himself. Take him down to change him - come back up... and... Mia has taken a freakin' BATH in her soup!! Oh lord. What a fucking mess. She looks and says "All done!" Yea, no shit? All done because there is no more food in her bowl, doesn't mean she ATE it all. Fuck. So I strip her down, and start to give her a psuedo bath in the sink...


Yep. Heater guy is here. Perfect timing.

Old man stinking like BO starts trekking through the house, looking at this, looking at that... finds a problem and leaves to go "get the part". Fine. Get out so I can spray some Febreeze and lay Mia down for a nap.

Mia stays in her room for about 45 minutes or so... not sleeping. But she is out of the way long enough for the heater guy to come back and fix the damn thing, and for me to do a couple of quests on WoW.

Well, ok, "nap" (if you could call it that) is over, and back to playing!!! Yeah!!

The girls decide they want to color some more. Fine. I put Blake in his bouncy-chair, toss on Baby Mozart (he loves it) and run down to switch around the laundry. Bring up a basket of towels, get to the top of the stairs when.... I see IT.

The scene that will be burned into my mind for a loooong time. Mia and Josie have found more Paint Pens (where the hell did these things come from anyways????) and are poised, ready to begin coloring, 1/2" away from - their BROTHER'S FACE. "STOP!!"

I snatch the pens from them and look around for more. I find 2 more, and take them all directly to the trashcan. And future Paint Pen events have been circumvented. (I love that word, I always think of that movie "The Last Boyscout").

After that was dinner, where Mia has decided she is a big girl and refuses to sit in her high chair anymore. So I spent the majority of dinner saying "Mia get back in your chair and eat your dinner"..... over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Josie has been sick and is still on antibiotic, and so after we ate it was time to take it.... oh geez. Someone help me. You would have thought I was trying to pull her fingernails out with needlenose pliers the way she was screaming. I'm surprised the police didn't show up with a noise or domestic dispute complain.... although in my neighborhood I'm not really THAT surprised - probably couldn't hear her screaming over all the gun shots...

A little later the girls are "playing" in theire room and I hear screams... oh lord now what? I go up and I see Mia... but no Josie. I HEAR Josie... wtf?

Apparently Josie was playing in the closet, and Mia had done something to wedge it closed and she could not get out... "No more playing in the closet kids!" geez....

The rest of the evening continues, fairly uneventful. I think they had all realized I had hit "My Limit" on stupid bullshit in one day.

I finally get the girls in bed, and Blake decides he wants to play. He has been pretty good MOST of the day, and he needed a little one on one time, and I was fine with that.

After he falls asleep, I get on my geeky video game and start playing until Pat gets home..... I MISSED YOU SWEETIE!!!!!!!! Omg I was SO glad when he got there!

So that was my Sunday... what did you do???? :)

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  1. Let's see... first, I took a nap. Then I ate. Then I took another nap. Ahhhh, I love having just a 9-year old! lol just kidding, dear!


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