Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fattys On Parade!

~WIPES FORHEAD~ Wheeeeeew...... That's done. I went to the doctor today. My reason for going? I'm too fat. Yep. You can apparently go to the doctor for that now.

If you have previous blogs you will know that I had an appointment today to start my "Weight Loss With Meds" program. Well, I was very nervous that they would go through my lab results and find that I was not a good candidate or something like that, I would have to go back to trying to do it the hard way - eating right, exercising, etc.

But come to find out, everything went GREAT! With the exception of the doctor telling me I have no life, and I need to get one (yea, no shit doc? I could have told you that, and I didn't have to go to school for 16 years).

My steps to my weight loss target goal of 40 lbs.

Step One: I have to stop drinking 10 regular sodas a day. If I have to have my soda, I need to pick a diet one that I can live with and drink that.

Step Two: I have to drink water also. I was told this shouldn't be hard because the meds they put me on will give me cotton mouth (not their term, mine) and all I will want is WATER. So that's cool.

Step Three: Try and keep a food diary, and pay attention to how often I eat foods on the go (like fast food, etc.)

Step Four: Try and stick generally to a 1200 calorie diet, and make sure I GET 1200 calories (apparently the med will suppress my appetite, and I have to make sure I try and eat something, even if I don't feel that hungry)

Step Four: Get a pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps a day (yeah that's not a typo...that will be the hardest I think)

Step Five: Take my meds as early in the morning as I can, daily. (Early because apparently they will keep you up late if you take them too late in the day.)

And that's it.

They put me on Phentermine and Prozac. Phen for weight loss and energy (an upper) and Prozac to even it out (a downer) and plus because I have no life (according to the doctor).

My doctor has assured me that this weight loss drug has been examined over and over and over again, and they can't find any reason that it should be pulled like some of the other weight loss drugs. He has taken it, and has prescribed it for over 15 years, and in his opinion, is completely safe when used correctly (like any controlled substance).

The nutritionist told me that in her opinion, if I cut out the soda (or go to a diet), and take my meds, that should be all I need to meet my goal. I am going to try and do the other stuff too, but those are going to be my big ones to concetrate on...

So today, my spirits are high, as is my motivation to finally do something about my weight.

Wish me luck!!!!

Oh, PS, I was sitting at the computer last night feeding Blake when my screensaver came up - it is a slideshow of pictures of me, Pat and the kids at special events over the past few years... the pictures were pretty much in chronological order, and I noticed I just kept getting fatter in each picture... time for things to change.

Starting Weight - 177 lbs. (shhhh) Let's keep track of this, shall we?


  1. Good luck on your quest to become a supermodel once again! Hopefully your plan will work! Keep us posted on the progress!

  2. So, you are going to lose weight without me huh? /sniff

    Well good luck! I will miss being the chubby sisters! LOL

    Actually, I think it is that time in all our lives to watch our weight and our health...we're not teenagers anymore with that neverending motabolism. Maybe I will jump on your band wagon and do the Poor Man's Plastic Surgery....exercise!


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