Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work? Yep, sure am!

So every now and then I have one of those days... a day that you don't want to do shit at work, and in all honesty, you don't really even what to BE THERE. And guess what? Today is one of thooooooooose days.

I have a habit that I fall into on days like these... first I call my sister... A LOT. :) I talk to her about pretty much nothing, but it gives me something to do and helps the time go a little faster. I will occasionally get caught being on the phone for long periods of time - in one of these instances, I say in my MOST professional voice "Ok, well thank you very much. I appreciate the call! You have a great day".

At this point she knows that is her cue to make one last smart ass comment in an effort to make me laugh out loud in front of whoever it is that I am trying to convience the call is work related (usually saying POOP in the phone will do it for me) and then I will call her back once the threat has passed.

Second, I surf the net a little bit and check in on Ol' McCane (I put CANE on purpose, the old fart) and Bommers. I know, I'm a geek... I probably won't even vote.

I also put on my headphones. Sometimes I'm not even listening to anything, but people assume I am listening to and typing dictation, so it works to get people to leave me alone and let me fuck off in peace. Other times, I'm listening to music or MSNBC video clips... today I listened to the debate - WHOO what a part-tee animal I am!!!!

I make a point to go smoke about once every hour too. This is not as hard or unusual as one would think, as the majority of this office does it on a daily basis anyways, so I'm really just conforming to the norm on that one...

And lastly, I go chat it up with my friendly neighborhood banker. (Kinda like your "Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman" but she doesn't really fight crime, or wear tights, jump from rooftops, etc... actually she is nothing like Spidey, so just forget all that shit...)

This is usually during one of my MANY soda/vending machine runs... I try to space these out, so I have a "get up and walk around" break about every 20 minutes including smoke breaks in there along with trips to the bathroom to check my hair, makeup, etc (which in reality I really shouldn't do. I always look like shit, and I just get depressed with every trip to the crapper...they should really take the mirrors out of there).

Oh, and I blog. Duh.

So, it is creeping up on 3:30, about time for another death stick, so I gotta go!! Back to WORK!!


  1. Hey, I wear tights!!!

    -Your friendly Spidey-like banker

  2. Sounds like they do not pay you enough for all the work you do around there! lol
    But seriously, I know the feeling. I have days like that. It sounds like you have much more to do there then I do here. lol I mean, WOW you have adults around you. I do like our conversations on those days LOL And the "Make you laugh really fast before I hang up" game is really fun too! Anyway, as always love the blogs!



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