Thursday, October 2, 2008

Josie is have a bad week...

Wow, she is only 5 and I feel so sorry for her crappy week. First, she got tripped by a boy at school (little bastard). Second, her sister stabbed her with a freakin' straw from a juice box last night IN THE CHEST (and it actually made a mark and broke the skin a TINY bit), then...this morning... she got a pimple... MY POOR BABY!! I mean, geez, she is only 5, does she really have to get a pimple already? I'm sure the kids don't know to make fun of it yet, but I have no doubt the teasing will commence sooner rather than later...

She is just having it rough. And everday she reminds me more and more of myself when I was little... Desperate for friends, gullible, and willing to believe anything if it means she has a friend...

She doesn't realize that some people are just mean - like a little girl who came up and pulled her braids out the other day, Josie tells me "No, she's my best friend! She just liked my pony tail holders"... That little snot yanked those out of my kids hair, and stole them, and Josie was taking it as a compliment because the girl liked them in the first place... how do I fix this?

And, you know, maybe I'm wrong. I do not drop off or pick up at school, so I don't see her with her "friends"... maybe she DOES have a lot of friends (cross fingers) and maybe the girl really DID just like them and wanted to see the pony tail holders... but I doubt it...

Please don't let her turn out like me...the geeky girl that no one liked, that everyone teased, and that later in life did anything anyone wanted in efforts to be liked (which didn't work, and made me feel even worse about myself)... I hope that will be able to spot it early enough in order to try and stop her from going down the same path I did... my poor baby, don't turn out like your mom.


  1. Well, you her age is when most children start to "fine tune" their social skills. So she probably does have friends and that little girl might be her best friend, maybe that little girl does not know the proper way to express to Josie that she likes her ponytail. As adults we jump to conclusions by our own experiences, children do no think they same way adults maybe that situation was an honest one.
    As far as the "I never did..." you still have plenty of time to do all of those things! You have YEARS ahead of you. Just because you haven't done those things you had planned/wanted to do doesn't mean you haven't "done anything." I am sure you have done a lot of things other people haven't. For example: You have children. There are a lot of people your age who have never experienced giving birth or having a family, but they might have been skydiving....I say between the two, I would rather have children and expierience unconditional love. :-)
    Love your blogs!!
    Avid Blog Reader

  2. Thanks for the awesome comment Avid!!! :) Nice to know someone actually read this.... hehe

    And thank you for giving a real comment - you make a very good point about the age/social skills. I think I'll just wait it out and see how things advance in the next couple years before I start worrying too much.

    And, yes, my kids are the light of my life. But sometimes it is hard to come to terms with all that I gae up as well. Maybe when they are older we can do some of those things together...


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