Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We built this city...on hypocricy...

So over the past couple of years I have grown up (in MANY ways) and one thing I have noticed about myself is my insatiable curiousity in the world and politics.

For those of you not following current events, or if you have been living under a rock and haven't heard, the financial stability of our economics are in deep shit. Due to sub-prime mortgages, Wall Street is in the crapper and begging for salvation. The "Bailout" that was proposed (and shot down) was supposedly the only way to fix it.

What I find funny is all the people opposing it, are shouting "It's there own fault! If they hadn't been so greedy, they wouldn't be in this mess! Don't give them 700 billion dollars! Give it to us! We need it more!" Hypocricy at its best!

Hmmmm..... well sorry folks, as you have just demonstrated, greed is what makes the world go 'round. You don't want them to bail out the big companies, because that would be greedy of them... instead you want them to bail YOU OUT (you greedy little bastards!). Saying to bailout the people who bought the houses with the SP loans - well, guess what? That's THEIR own fault too for not reading their contracts. Live and learn and move the fuck on.

I hear people spouting that "well those people would not have been able to buy a house any other way..." Well, I say, then they were not in a position to be owning a house! Rent. And guess what? They are back to not owning a house AND get the extra special treat of having their credit score reduced to toilet paper. Everyone has at least one really hard lesson to learn in life, and those 5 million people just learned theirs. Don't be greedy, don't try to live above your means, and READ THE FUCKING CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT!!!!

I'm not saying "screw the poor", I'm just saying stop trying to place blame. Oh, the realtor didn't tell me THAT, or the bank didn't explain it well... too bad, it was in writing and you should have read it.

Wow, I sound really mean and bitter, and I guess I am. This country seems to be more and more of everyone looking for a handout. No one wants to work for something anymore. I am just constantly getting more and more irritated with the whole damn thing. And it WILL affect me - I won't be able to but a house this year either.... so I will continue to rent and save what I can. Try not to put money on credit cards, save where I can.

Seems the whole country is shouting "gimme gimme gimme....but don't give HIM any..."

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