Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things I Like

I know, I know, everyone probably took a double take at the title, thinking "There are things that she ACTUALLY LIKES??" But there are some things that I enjoy, and most of them are either a little odd, a little embarrassing, a little childish, a little gross or a little unhealthy...or a little of all of those things... :)

First, there are some foods that I LOVE that most people just say "ew".

Foods I Like:

Hotdogs. Oh, GAWD I love me some hotdogs. I like them grilled, boiled, fried, microwaved, sliced up on mini pizzas, on a bun, on a piece of bread, dipped in mashed potatoes or just sliced up cold. I could eat hotdogs every day. And I pretty much do...

Bologna. Mmmmm. My bologna has a first name, it is L-U-N-C-H. I dig on some bologna, man. I LOVE bologna and pickle sandwiches, as well as just putting a piece of bologna in a bowl with a slice of cheese on top and melting it in the microwave. It makes a little bologna bowl, with cheese soup inside!! Yummy!

Pepperoni Slices. I eat these like chips. All the time.

Mayonnaise. I have a fetish with extra mayo on my deli sandwiches. I can't help it, and if you eat lunch with me at a deli, be prepared to see the fantastic white delicacy dripping out the back of my sandwich...and be prepared to watch me scoop it up with my finger and eat it too...

Some Hobbies That I Like:

I like to watch old crap movies. Now, by these I don't mean old sci-fi or black and whites. I mean stupid movies that I LOVED when I was younger and I still love. I actually hide some of these movies so Pat doesn't know I even have them. Some examples of these movies are: Teen Witch ("Top THAT"), Crybaby (O, Johnny Depp in his younger years), Grease TWO ("We're gonna BOWWWWWWWWL TONIGHT!"), The Worst Witch (Oooooh, Mildred!), Labrynth (David Bowie's hair is HAWT), Red Sonya AND all the Conan the Barbarians (all Arnold, and love them ALL!), etc., etc., you get my point. Movies that suck. And I love them.

I like to play video games. A lot. A lot more than I ever tell people. This is a fact that I VERY RARELY EVER bring up in a conversation, mostly because I am just a tiny bit (a whole lot) embarrassed. I know it's stupid, but I really try not to immediately prove to everyone what a loser I am... at least until I get to know you a little better...then I can tell you all about my addiction.

I like to smoke. A lot. It is a hobby and I love it. If you suddenly have the urge to tell me how bad it is for my health or that I would be so much more healthier if I quit, please feel free to have a nice tall glass of "shut the hell up". I know, and I just don't really care. It is legal, and I do not smoke in my house or around my kids. Plus, I might be healthier, but I would be a total fucking bitch...even worse than I am already.

I like to read books. All kinds of books. I love werewolves, vampires, elves, princesses, Indians, cowboys, teenagers, non-fiction biographies, renaissance, horror, thrillers, funny, romantic, cooking, self help, everything. A book (or a gift certificate for a book STORE) is the perfect gift for me. :) A good book is the perfect company for so many boring moments. Like going out to eat alone, waiting in a waiting room, nothing good on TV, power is out (but you still have a flashlight!)etc. And NEVER underestimate the importance of a really good book for a trip to the crapper.

Some "Other" Things I Like:

I like shoes (I know, all women do, right?). But I like CERTAIN shoes. I like shoes/boots with a 3" heel. I like them to have pointy toes. I like them to be free of tassels, buckles or bows... and I like them to be cheap and last forever... :) Sneakers suck.

I like buying appliances. Every time I go to Sears, Lowe's, Best Buy, any place like that, I ALWAYS want to look at appliances. Even if I don't NEED a new one, I sure do WANT one!

I like it when someone brushes my hair. A LOT. There is something soothing and relaxing about it... except for when my daughter, Mia, does it. She rips my hair out by the fucking root, and then hits me in the head with the brush a few times for good measure. Not really that relaxing...

I like porn. I will not go into details. :)

I like to wear my pajama pants EVERYWHERE. I love my jammie pants and probably have more pairs of those than jeans at the moment... I have probably embarrassed several shopping partners over the years with my neverending parade of night clothes, but I don't really give a shit. That's why I just started inviting my sister... she is usually wearing hers too! lol

Ok, there are some things I like. Hope you found it interesting. :)

OH - AND A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER - NEEDSLEEPY!!!! She is THIRTY BLANK today!!! (See, how I was really thoughtful by not telling everyone your age???)

Love you sis!


  1. LMAO....OMG you wrote about things you LIKE!! WOW! :-) I was reading this blog going "Yup ...yup...yup...ME TOO!...OMG I LOVE THAT!...."
    I do have to say I totally understand you about the movies thing! I have so many movies I love from my childhood. Some of them I watch and think to myself "Oh lord, what was I thinking?" but most of them I still love lol
    Hey and THX for the B-day wish! Kisses

  2. I may just have to do one like this on my blog....yes to books and shoes!!!! But you forgot alcoholic beverages.


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