Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Doctor is OUT

Omg, I don't know what it is about me, but apparently I seem to be the type of person that EVERYONE wants to talk to about their problems! I got to work (late of course...it IS snowing out...) and immediately I have emails from friends and co-workers about allllll their problems.

I have a friend who is having mother-in-law issues, another stressing over Christmas, another worrying about whether or not it is too soon to date since her husband passed, another with men troubles, and even more trying to deal with a myriad of other problems. Now, I have no problem with people needing to vent or blow off steam, as I need to do that too on a daily basis... what my problem is, is everyone wants MY ADIVCE. Some are even getting ready to make, or have just made a decision (usually based on my advice) and need moral support to see it through...

Well, shit, anyone who actually KNOWS me, should know not to ask me for advice!!! I have a condition that causes me to give shitty advice on a daily basis. I can't seem to help it. But in my defense, regardless of how bad my advice is, or how often I get other people into trouble, they always seem to come back for more... I have even found myself going out of my way to stick my nose into other people's business to voice my unsolicilated opinion, which is usually inappropriate at best, and they THANK me for it!!!! They enable me!!!

And moral support? Well, I guess you could say, I have "questionable" morals, so maybe you should look somewhere else for that too...

I find that I seem to be giving the same advice for a lot of different problems lately...

Boss is being a hard ass? Fuck 'em! Do what you think you should.

Husband being a lazy jerk, didn't get you anything for Christmas? Fuck 'em, do something to make yourself happy.

Mother-in-law giving you toilet paper again for Christmas? (This is a real email I got this morning, by the way)... Fuck her! Give the anti-Democrat a copy of Barack Obama's new book. (Yes this was really my advice...).

What would other people think if I started dating? Fuck them! Who care's what they think? If it makes you happy, then do it.

Now, I don't know if my advice is my subconcious trying to tell me what to do about my OWN problems or if this is really the best advice I can think of, but we seem to keep coming back to a common idea - do whatever the hell you want!

Maybe THAT is why people come to me - because I tell them they should do what they want. Maybe they just need to hear someone ELSE say "Sure, go ahead!!"

So I have decided that since I basically suck at giving advice, I'm going to cut everyone off. No more easy way out for you people!!! :)

I am not a therapist. And I never wanted to be. I need therapy myself, so I don't think I am the best one to be giving advice anymore. But I will give one last, STANDING order for anyone that is desperate for a little piece of Angie wisdom.

Please feel free to print this out and tape it to your fridge, or put it in your purse to pull out whenever you need it....


Ok, hugs and kisses everyone, I'll write another "real" blog later :)


  1. Funny, I will be back soon to read more

  2. That is too funny! I like your advice, but I won't ask you since I know what your answer will be!


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