Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Big Girl Beds

Oh, lordy lordy lordy. We got a couple big girls at my house now!

So, Saturday we went and bought Josie a twin bed. Her old toddler bed got passed down to Mia, and the crib is now Blakes. Out of the 3 of them, Blake is liking this arrangement the most, then Josie, and Mia fucking hates it.

Blake is enjoying having an ACTUAL real life bed to sleep in. He had outgrown his basinet a while ago, and his sleeping habits were very much like his father's (sleep all morning, stay up until 2 or 3 am). NOW he is in a nice big roomy crib! He went to sleep about 11:30 pm last night and didn't wake up until 4 am for a bottle, then right back to sleep. Ahhhh....

Josie is very excited, but keeps getting out of her bed to tell me she is scared or "something" is wrong in her room. Then she told Mia that if the monster's come after her, she can get in her bed... wtf? Why would she say that? Now Mia was all "Munter??" with big open eyes and hands over her mouth... shit. The first night Josie slept in her bed, about midnight Pat and I heard a very loud THUMP! We looked at each other and he took off running upstairs to check on the girls. Josie had fallen out of her bed. She was standing on the side all dazed with a "what the fuck happened?" look on her face. Pat helped her get back in and off to sleepyland she went again...

The funniest thing was the next morning I asked her how she liked her new bed - "Fantastic!" was her answer... I guess she didn't remember the loooong drop. :)

And then there is Mia. Mia hates it and keeps wanting to get back in the "baby bed". The first night she kept getting out of bed and unplugging the night lights, and then SCREAMING because it got dark. I guess I could have shrugged it off, except she did it FOUR damn times! What the hell? Why?? Then we finally let her fall asleep in the crib and moved her over after she fell asleep.

Mia has consistently gotten out of bed every night now at least 68 times for various reasons. I half want to just say fuck it, and put her in the crib. But I have decided that it will just take some time for her to get used to it, and I need to stick to my guns.

And, then this morning... I took a shower, got out, dried off, and headed downstairs to grab some clothes. I get the bottom of the first stairs when I hear "BERRRRRNN" very loud and scared the shit out of me... it was MIA! Yep! Sitting in the dark in the living room, turning on the TV at 6:30 in the morning. Again I start rethinking the whole "big girl bed" thing...

But in the end, I guess I am proud of her for doing this. She is getting a little better each night, and last night she actually DID fall asleep IN her bed! WOO HOO! So, we will see what the week will hold.

Wish me luck, and about 8:30 pm tonight, whisper "Mia, you are tired and want to go to sleep" about 15 times and maybe it will have a "do you believe in fairies" type of effect! Help a sista out, will ya???

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  1. Getting your own Big Girl bed is sooooo exciting!! I do not think I got mine til I was hmmmm.......16? LOL

    I have to say that it sucks a huge dick that Jo brought up "Mosters" to mia already. I do not evny you there. Thank God I do not have that problem. My kids are fearless in the Dangerous way. lol I think the only thing Dakotah is scared of it pasta.


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