Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheater Cheater Pumkin Eater

My 5 year old is a cheater.

Yep, you heard me. She is 5 and she just learned how to cheat on her reading list so she can get a free personal pan pizza and attend the "book reading party" at school.

Last night, I came home from work, and I saw that Josie had gotten down her reading list (she is supposed to read 10 books in November) off the fridge. When I left that morning, it had 3 books on it. She had read a book with Pat and he let her write the name of the book on one of the lines ALL BY HERSELF! Yea for Josie!

BUT - about 20 minutes later I caught her sitting at the table with a pile of books. She was carefully copying the titles of the books onto her reading list sheet. She was on book 9 when I found her. She looked at me and said "Hey mommy, look! I'm almost done with my book it paper!"

Awww... now I know it was cute, and she was SO proud of herself. But, I wasn't sure how to handle the situation. I told her that we could only put a book on there if we ACTUALLY READ IT first. And from now on, let mommy help her fill it out.

Then I looked at the page. There was no way in hell the teacher was ever going to be able to read that... so I went back and wrote the titles AGAIN just below what she had written.... so techincally I guess I helped her cheat...

But, then I decided that she could not turn it in until we read all those books. So I get to go home tonight and read 6 books, just so I don't feel like a shitty mom and letting my kid lie so she could get pizza...

Anyways, that was the most eventful thing of my day.

BUT THE FUNNIEST THING was that Patrick had been home all day...with the kids... Now, what does Pat like to do when he is home? Well, play WoW of course!!

So, he took off Veteran's Day because it was offered at work. He was sooo excited thinking he would just play all day, because Josie would be home and could help entertain Mia, and I would be at work, so I would be out of his face.

Well, long story short, the WoW server was offline. ALLLLLLLL DAY. Yep! And in fact, it was STILL out at 10 pm when I went to bed!

He was pissed, and I laughed.

Gosh I sure love him. :)

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  1. And some don't believe he's around... He does work in mysterious ways. I'm a believer.


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