Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby steps to 5 o'clock...

OMG is it just me, or does the last hour on a Friday seem to go on FOR-EVER?

I have been sitting here all afternoon, diligently working, taking my appropriate smoke breaks, and occasionally getting up for more water. I was thinking, "You know, it has got to be getting close to time to start wrapping things up. I better finish this and start closing down my computer..."

THEN... I looked up at the clock. 3:45? Are you fucking kidding me? I still have another hour and 15 before I can go home! This is bullshit. I think that Friday's should be half-days. Go in or stay late an extra hour the other 4 days, then go home at noon on Friday. I'd be first in line if they ever offered that around here!!

Well, maybe I'm still messed up from the time change. I mean, REALLY is should be a quarter til 5 right?

And now I have lost all motivation to actually DO any work.

BUT - I am glad today is Friday! Holy poo I need a day off.


  1. I never really realize you got motivated for work....I just thought it was a job that paid bills. I agree on you getting off at noon on Friday's or any day, would be great. But, not if that means you have to stay an hour later on all thoses other days... LOL :)

  2. I think is a great theory, but you know what they would probably do is give you Monday off instead of Fri. It just seems like a cruel thing the work forces would do. lol "Oh you guys want 4 day work weeks? Well here...take Monday off!" lol Plus instead of staying late, they would probably make you come in earlier in the morning. (Did that sound Bitchy? lol)


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