Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quitters and Getters

Ahhhh, January.............the month of quitters.

Seems like everyone is trying to quit SOMETHING.

Quit smoking, quit drinking, quit going home with random men from bars, quit eating out, quit picking your nose, quit talking with your mouth full, quit taking the elevator, quit frivolous spending, quit missing so much work, quit eating sweets and junk food, quit quitting…

And if they are not trying to quit something, then they are trying to GET something... these are the getters.

Get back in shape, get organized, get involved, get finances in order, get a new house, get a new car, get your shit together, get ‘er done.

Now, most quitters will do very well on their new year’s resolutions… for the first month. Come February it will be “well, one cigarette won’t kill me”, or “I’ll just have ONE piece of pizza”…

The getters usually do a little better – they usually stick to it for about 2-4 months. But then they start slacking off, getting tired of all the extra responsibilities or stress from their resolutions and pick up their old behavior...

I think, out of the two, I’m more of a getter… mostly because I don’t WANT to quit anything. I like to smoke, I like to drink, I like to eat hotdogs and cookies. I like to park close so I don’t have to walk, I like sitting on my ass watching TV. I like to take the elevator (mostly because of the shoes I wear, AND the fact that public stairwells give me the willies).

To anyone that has vowed to quit something, I truly wish you the best of luck! I hope your willpower is exceptional and your convictions are strong. I hope the promise of clean air and a healthy liver keep you to your course and you conquer your addictions!

To anyone who DID NOT vow to quit… wanna skip work and go get a drink? In a bar? And smoke cigarettes? And order fried foods and extra cheese and spend way too much money on it? I’ll even let you pick your nose and talk with your mouthful, as long as we can take the elevator…

Happy New Year to everyone!

Angie's Resolutions:

Get better at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates (this has been a resolution 3 years running... let's see how I do in 2009)
Exercise 2 times a week (yea, right... but we'll give it a shot)
Reach my goal weight (This, I'm pretty sure I can do)
Save money for a house (again... "yea, right")
Pay my bills on time
Get more organized (uh huh...)
Get rid of clutter and crap I don’t need
Stop buying crap I don’t need (If I could do this, I wouldn't need to do the one above this one)
Get more involved in Josie’s school
Take time for myself (never gonna happen)
Be nicer to Patrick
Have more sex with Patrick
Make TIME to have more sex with Patrick… (I REALLY hope I do this one!!!)
Try to start writing on my book again
Get pictures printed off of my digital camera and PUT IN ALBUMS (never gonna happen...I'm all talk)
Get Family Pictures taken on a regular basis (or half ass regular…like "annually"…lol)


  1., that's a good resolution list. especially the finding more time to have sex with your spouse. i think that is going to be my resolution too!! oh yeah...and exercise...maybe once or twice a month. and exercise...killing two birds with one stone, right?

  2. LOL Hell yea! I think maybe I will go ahead and use sex as my "exercise twice a week" resolution! Although... can't remember the last time I got any TWICE in the SAME WEEK...might be harder than I thought... :)

  3. I guess I would be considered a getter-quitter. Get more money and job I've always wanted, get rid of 30 lbs, quit waiting for shit to happen and make it happen; that kind of stuff. Ha! Happy New Year and good luck on the getting:o)

  4. ROFL I like your list. So is this list for everyone and we just choose one or two of the list? :-)
    OH HEY! I gave you an Award...stop my blog and see.


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