Monday, January 12, 2009

Gonna knock the shit of the next person who asked me how my birthday was

UGH. My birthday was yesterday. I have been asked COUNTLESS times "So how was your birthday?"

To prevent anyone else asking me this, I am going to answer this burning question on everyone's mind...

My birthday sucked. It was just another day. I got to let Pat take a nap in the morning, I got to take care of kids, cooks meals, clean house and do laundry. I did not go out to eat, or go to a movie, or even receive a birthday card, let alone a gift from my husband. I think Pat mentioned the fact that it was my birthday around 2 or 3 that afternoon. And shortly after, asked what I was going to cook for dinner.

Now, I know that I am 29 years old, and by that time you should not expect much fuss about your birthday. That's perfectly fine and I understand... but, seriously, he couldn't run to Wal-Mart and buy me a fucking card? Nothing? Not even an actual "Happy Birthday, Sweetie!" or anything?

Over 4 years of birthdays, Pat has gotten a trip to Vegas, a huge surprise party (for his 30th) with a custom 3D cake in the shape of a 6 pack of beer, video games, movies, a mini fridge, cards from me AND the kids, and always SOMETHING else like dinner, drinks or a movie out with friends...

Over 4 years of birthdays, Pat took me to dinner with my friends and family last year (which my sister had to help him organize), and got me LOST season 3. We took the kids to dinner with us, and then went straight home afterwards...That's it. And those were BOTH for last year...

So, today (and even yesterday evening) when people call or swing by and ask me how my birthday was, I am actually embarrassed to tell them. Seems like everyone at work at it on their calendars and has come by to give me birthday wishes, which is so fantastic, but then they ALL seem to want to know "So, what did you do for the big day? Get anything good?" I DID NOTHING. I GOT NOTHING. (Well, I did get a card from my brother and his wife, which was so very sweet. Thanks guys, if you read this!)

So pretty much, I didn't really have a birthday... which is ok I guess. No big deal... but I am just really tired of having to TELL everyone that it was basically non-existent.

My sister HAS planned a dinner/night out for next weekend, which I REALLY am looking forward to. But Pat does not really know anything about it, so he can't even use "I thought we are celebrating it next weekend?" as an excuse. I guess I'm mostly pissed because HE ignored it... like always. I guess I just wanted to have ONE DAY that he treated me a little special, and made the day about ME for a change.

Next year, I'm just gonna plan a trip for my birthday... just for myself. And maybe my sister or something like that. Since I know I won't be ruining any plans or anything... I'm sorry, did that sound bitchy??

Anyways, Happy Birthday to me. Maybe Valentine's Day will be better... (laughs so hard I pee my pants...)


  1. Oh Sweetie, I'm sorry, it sucks when that happens. I know just to have heard "happy birthday honey" in the morning would have been great, a show of love...

    May your next birthdays rock.

  2. Well, I know for a fact you had SOME fun on part your birthday...that would be around midnight of Sat that is technically the 11th! Right drunky? WOOT! We had so much fun! Plus the birthday week is not over yet! ( do realize you get a wekk right?) Saturday night we are going to tear it public this time!!! Watch out!

    Oh hey...I forgot to ask...How was your Birthday? hee hee I will be at my house waiting for my ass kicking! Bring your hair dye!! We can do that too!

  3. I commented earlier, but I wanted to let you know you have award on my blog.


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